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Fayemi, Fayose, Ekiti State And A National Assignment, By Olulana Alofe


Ekiti State indigenes are being hit from all sides today after the brilliant performance during the Ministerial screening of the man they rejected as Governor for a man many feel is just not as good. Not by half many opine.
The truth is that Kayode Fayemi lost the trust of his people while he was Governor and somehow the unconventional message – Stomach Infrastructure Fayose went with resonated with them more than the refined eloquence Fayemi offered. He was painted as elitist by the opposition and once others are able to define who you are on their own terms to the electorate, it becomes an uphill battle to correct the impression.
Ekiti State indigenes are not stupid nor are they naive. They were just too impatient and Fayemi was not a good politician. Apparently, Fayose is a very good politician. Who is the better Governor will be determined after Fayose leaves office though.
Fayemi should be an excellent Federal Minister in a position where he can effectively display his great intellect and refined eloquence to Nigeria's advantage without a constituency needing immediate appeasement through delivery of basic needs hounding him. Especially if he is told to handle Nigeria's Foreign policy as we expect.
Being a Governor and Federal Minister require two different skill sets in being able to carry an electorate along in the former and impressing the President through effectively managing a portfolio in the latter.
Do not get me wrong please. Many of the skills needed for the two positions overlap. Both need people of high intelligence and work ethic to be successful but the Governor needs to be a much better manager than the Federal Minister who almost single handedly can determine how a ministry is perceived.
Fayose appears to understand very well the art of appealing to emotions of people which is a great skill to possess but an appearance of compulsive reliance on mediocrity, a perception that is out there may yet be his undoing. If he can move beyond the mundane display of grandiose behavior and focus on practical governance, Fayose has a chance of being a very good Governor. Do not be shocked, Governor Ayodele Fayose is not dumb by any means.
Ekiti State will continue to be the butt of local jokes in Nigeria as long as their Governor focuses on playing the school clown more than being class captain. It is extremely difficult to combine both roles into one effectively.
Right now, Fayemi has been set free to soar as high as he can rise since the shackles of politically appeasing a polarized constituency – a Governor's nightmare have been taken off.
I wish both men well in their offices which means I wish Ekiti State the best. Ekiti Kete!