FG Approves N25,000 Allowance For Doctors, Proposes Other Salary Review


FG Approves N25,000 Allowance For Doctors, Proposes Other Salary Review

In response to the ongoing indefinite strike initiated by the National Association of Resident Doctors, the Federal Government has taken a significant step by granting approval for a peculiar allowance of twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000) to be paid to medical and dental doctors serving in hospitals, medical centres, and clinics within the federal public service.

The allocation for this allowance will be sourced from the overhead budget. The announcement was made through a statement issued by Ekpo Nta, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Salary and Wages Commission.

Review on salary increase
Moreover, in an effort to address some of the demands made by the striking doctors, the government has released several circulars.

Among these is the Circular on Review of CONMESS (Consolidated Medical Salary Structure), which outlines a 25% increase for grades CONMESS one to six (1-6) and a 35% increase for grades CONMESS seven (7).

Additionally, a Circular on Review of CONHESS (Consolidated Health Salary Structure) has been issued. This circular stipulates a 25% increase for grades CONHESS one to fourteen (1-14) and a 35% increase for grade CONHESS fifteen (15).

Furthermore, to address the concerns of doctors working outside hospitals, a circular has been issued specifically for Hazard Allowance.

These measures demonstrate the government’s commitment to resolving the ongoing crisis and providing better working conditions and remuneration for medical practitioners in the country.

The hope is that these initiatives will contribute to resolving the strike and pave the way for improved healthcare services for all citizens.