Five common reasons people have children


“So, when do we start having children?” That is obviously one of the most frequently asked questions by newly wedded couples.

Instinctively, married people should have children since procreation is a necessity to prevent the human species from going to extinction.

Even two verses (Genesis 1;28 and 9:7) in the Bible quoted God as saying humans should “be fruitful; multiply on the earth.”

But having kids is more complex than we think now with some partners deciding to be childless because they prefer to remain independent while arguing that raising a child is too expensive or involves too much responsibility.

In summary, many partners give in to having kids or not due to different personal choices and reasons.

As we celebrate Children’s Day across the world, here are some of the reasons to tread the path of parenthood.

  • To relive your childhood

It’s the dream of partners to start up a family together. So it is for individuals to get nostalgic about their childhood — be it wonderful or horrible.

The thought of bringing another human into the world becomes pertinent for some partners so they can create new fun activities you always dreamt of doing while growing up.

To some people who had a horrible childhood experience, having a child comes from the will to do better than their parents.

  • To carry on the family name

Some people also think preserving the family’s legacy is enough reason to bear children. So these couples decide to give birth in order to have someone who will carry on the family’s name, lineage, and values.

Someone that will continue the family business, legacy, and generation. They want to have someone they will be able to pass their legacy onto.

  • Societal pressure and expectations

This is one of the most obvious reasons people want to have children. Some couples have been made to believe their marriages are not complete until they have kids so they feel pressured to procreate.

This category of couples decides to start their own family in order to avoid pressure, and interrogation from family members, relatives, and friends.

  • To become accountable and responsible

Some people decide to give birth because they feel having to be in charge of a smaller version of themselves will give them more purpose in life.

They feel having to train and be in control of their child will give them more reason to be focused, responsible, and accountable.

  • They love babies

Some people can’t just get over the cuteness of babies they find around them, which might turn out to be enough reason to have theirs.

Having to care for and love other people’s kids isn’t enough for them, so they have children in order to experience the care, love, and affection abundantly through their own biological child.