Five signs you’re dating the wrong person


Love is a beautiful thing but some emotions can be mistaken for love.

Sometimes, in hindsight, we may sigh, beat ourselves up, and shake our heads when we remember the people we dated or thought we loved in the past.

To avoid such situations, it is important to be alert enough to know whether the person you’re currently dating is good for you.

Here are some ways to know you’re dating the wrong person:

Conversing with them is difficult

If you find it difficult to hold a meaningful and interesting conversation with a partner, it’s very much possible you are both not meant to be together.

The power of good conversation is that it allows individuals to learn more about each other and convey their feelings, ideas and hopes comprehensively.

On the other hand, if it is difficult discussing individual and collective future goals together, you also probably may want to
double-check if your current partner is the person for you.

Feeling low when you’re with them

Every good relationship is one that is filled up with mutual respect, support and encouragement. If your current partner is lacking in any of these qualities, it is high time you thought about your rapport.

No one should ever make you feel less than special, most especially not your partner.

If you always feel less beautiful, less smart, or less human when you’re with your partner, then it’s totally obvious you two are not compatible.

Worse still, if your partner either mentally, physically, verbally or emotionally abuses you, it’s best you flee the relationship.

Dating is designed for individuals to learn from, love, grow together all-round, and be happy in. Any relationship causing you sadness, depression, anxiety and torment should be discontinued.

They’re too clingy

We all want attention, especially from that special someone. But like every other thing known to man, too much of everything is unhealthy. A partner that is too clingy is a big no-no.

It’s cute and adorable when a partner calls or texts several times a day to check up on you but when a partner begins to constantly want your 24-hour day to day attention, maybe it’s time to pause and question if you really want to be dating that person.

A jealous partner will never trust you and will constantly find a means to blame you for things. Never, ever think a jealous partner will change overnight because they won’t.

They never seem to listen to you

At the top of the list of relationship killers is ineffective communication and this involves listening.

If your partner is never interested in what you have to say, then that’s a big problem. Chances are that such partners will come in between your dreams, goals and aspirations, often dismissing them.

Some partners may even go as far as pretending they listen to you but deep down, you know they don’t. If you feel this way, maybe it’s time to back out.

Your gut feeling tells you the relationship is not working. If your intuition repeatedly tells you something is not right with the person you’re dating, chances are, you might be right.

It’s never enough to ignore the way our minds feel about others, especially someone we are dating and serious with.