Gabon’s Junta frees Bongo, allows medical treatment

Gabon's Junta frees Bongo, allows medical treatment
Gabon's Junta frees Bongo, allows medical treatment

General Brice Oligui Nguema’s Military Junta, which recently ousted President Ali Bongo, has decided to release the deposed leader from house arrest, marking a significant development in Gabon’s political landscape.

The military takeover occurred a week ago when a faction of Gabonese military officers, primarily from the elite presidential guard, assumed control following the announcement of Ali Bongo’s victory for a third term by Gabon’s election commission.

Ali Bongo released from house arrest

Since then, Ali Bongo had been placed under house arrest, but now he has regained his freedom and has the option to seek medical treatment abroad, as reported by Bloomberg.

His release was accompanied by a televised meeting with United Nations special envoy Abdou Abary, marking the first public appearance of Ali Bongo since his video message urging his supporters to “make noise” shortly after being placed under house arrest.

This turn of events follows the appointment of General Brice Oligui Nguema as the head of the transitional government, ending nearly six decades of Bongo family rule.

General Nguema has committed to steering Gabon back towards democracy in the wake of the bloodless coup.

In response to the military coup, the African Union (AU) suspended Gabon’s membership, making it the latest country to face suspension by the AU, following Niger Republic, Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, and Sudan.

The AU’s strong condemnation of the coup underscores the significance of Gabon’s path toward restoring democracy and political stability.