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Gay Rights And Fundamental Human Rights: Abhorrence And Discrimination


There is no doubt that many people find homosexuality abhorrent and distasteful, particularly when practised among men. The thought of a male to male anal penetration is disgusting because that is the channel for defection or expulsion of repugnant waste product from the body. Besides this, a vast majority of men, statistically about 98% of men are psychologically programmed to be sexually attracted to women and sexually repelled by other men.

However, it is important that we go beyond the repugnancy of the acts to address the socio-legal issues of homosexuality and its attendant problems. For example many homosexuals or suspected homosexuals have lost their lives due to physical attacks borne of the disgust felt by other members of their society and the question we must answer is if these kinds of murder are justified. 


Adolf Hitler also felt a deep disgust for Jewish people and was inspired by his disgust to have them exterminated by shipping them in millions into air tight containers, in which they were fumed to death by poisonous gas. In a similar fashion at different points in time in history at different places in the world a select group of people have equally been exterminated for certain characteristics they were either born with or acquired, simply because their aggressors found such characteristics as disgusting and distasteful. Black people were considered subhuman and shipped in millions across the Atlantic to be used as slave labour in such harsh conditions over weeks that led to over 30% of them dying on the journey. Even those who survived were treated as animals and routinely killed for even such acts as a male black man supposedly looking at a white woman lustfully. Thus we must be very carefully not to let our disgust for others encourage us to treat them in an inhuman way. An issue that has inspired disgust among people in Nigeria includes religious persuasions and in some parts of the country people have risen against other people to kill them simply because they belong to a different religious persuasion.


These are some the reasons why the original declaration of Fundamental Human Rights called Juris Magna Carta was drafted. This declaration has formed the basis of what is now accepted worldwide as the basic rights that must be guaranteed to human person without exception and they can be briefly summarized as follows:

Freedom of Thought and Speech (including the Press and Practice of religion)

Freedom Life Dignity and pursuit of happiness

Freedom of Association

Freedom of Movement

Freedom to Privacy (Private Family life)

Right to Fair Hearing

Freedom from discrimination

These rights are held by the United Nations Charter on human right to be sacrosanct and not to be denied to anybody except under due process of non-discriminatory laws.


Gay Rights are those special rights that gay people are agitating for and at times they try to couch those laws as part of fundamental human rights. For example they want gay legal unions to be classified as marriage with all the legal privileges attached part of freedom of association. However this is not so because Marriage itself is not a fundamental human right but a legally created right and the privileges attached thereto are not rights but privileges. Marriage is just a contractual right based on customs and traditions.

In other words Marriage is a derived right and not a basic or fundamental human right.

I must say that there is no custom or tradition at any point in the history of man in any society anywhere in the world where marriage was defined to include same sex unions. Thus I do not support this kind of right which is quite different and distinct from a Fundamental Human Rights


Fundamental Human Rights are different from Gay Rights and the two should not be confused. While one MUST be guaranteed to ALL HUMAN BEINGS the other are the right of majority in society to decide if they are acceptable or not.

Thus each society can decide that it shall not confer the right to marry beyond the traditional legal union between male and female or that it shall not extend the legal definition of marriage to include between same-sex. On the other hand a society should not deny gay people those basic rights guaranteed to all men simply on account of their sexual orientation. If gay people are to be denied their fundamental human rights it means for example they would no longer have a right to live and thus can be killed by any person at will or they would be denied their freedom of movement and possibly all herded into prisons and locked up because they are gay.

The problem is that once we do that to gay people who will be next? Very soon all people of a particularly characteristics may be targeted especially for some religious or other reasons. It might be hunched back people that may be the next target or albinos etc.

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