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Meaningful Living With Sonowo: Set Your Goals, Go For It!


Nothing new will happen in July except you make it happen.
It's not a curse or a prayer. It's reality.
Hence the need for you to know your goals, know yourself and then know the world you live in.

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Keep going and stay focused.
Be teachable.
Be strategic in your thoughts and actions. Know where you are going to, else everywhere you get to in life will look like it.
Be knowledgeable, network and grow daily.
Be at your best.
Know people that make things happen. Be in connections. Be friendly but have few friends.
In the face of confrontations, don't make more enemies than your point. Some wars are won, simply by ignoring them.
Now is the only guaranteed chance you have. Be in the present, while you're here be here.
The world isn't a place we live in, it's everything we live with. There are no secrets to success than for a man to be technically prepared, alert and ready enough to take advantage of chances (brought by God), when his right time finally comes.
Whatever you strive for in July and beyond, give it your all and believe, you can achieve.
Go further ahead for greatness is not a place, it’s a journey.
Success is not an event, it’s a process.
Excellence is not act, it’s a habit.
Keep going… Keep going, for we become what we repeatedly do.
Whatever you set your heart upon in the month of July and diligently seek the help of God to achieve, you surely will.
Remember, July's outcome are in your hands.
Have you set your goals for the next:
30 days, 
60 days, 
90 days, 
120 days, 
180 days….? 
Go for it…..
You+God =Excellent Success!
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