Hell No !!! President Buhari Cannot Fall To This Trick, By Ikechukwu Iroha


The setting was at the left wing of the presidential villa inside Aso rock. First, was the sight of protruded bellies typical of modern kegs of palm wine but wondered how it was moved with tiny legs holding it firmly. At a closer look, I realized they were human beings after I successfully cleaned by spectacle with a neat handkerchief. 
As gentle as a dove, I moved  to a corner where I could have clear visual of events. A story I will  be proud to cover. After all, presidency gave it a wide publicity. Femi was right on ground to direct us properly on what not to report. The fear of wailing wailers.
We were waiting eagerly to cover an event the presidency has tagged 'historic and epoch' .
Seven tiny people , their faces covered with neat masks were following the service chiefs from behind. I was afraid to call it a voodoo until I approached another reporter who whispered to me that we were about to cover a negotiation between Bokoharam and FG.
The leader had asked that journalists be barred from gaining entrance to the venue of the meeting. I opened my mouth, tried to say something but  couldn't. Seven civilians dishing orders to our service chiefs. My country was about to reward a terrorist group after killing thousands of innocent souls.
It was the President that announced to the world that bokoharam has agreed to cease fire. You heard me right, it was the commander in chief of the armed forces. First, I thought I was high on some sort of helenium …that was all I could remember . I prayed it only happened in the dream. Thank you Jesus. That was it. A dream.
Hell No!!!! Do not negotiate with terrorists. Hell no, no credible killer exists.
My dream is about to happen. Hell no.  Nigerians cried. Hell no…we are crying.
Negotiation of any sort will make bokoharam more powerful than ever. We will be boxed to accept their conditions. That's not what Buhari promised during campaigns. He said crush and we must crush them. 
Have you thought of it. Geneva convention memo was so clear, no country should undermine her military to the extent of negotiating with faceless groups. 
Negotiation  will only give them authority to dictate whatever they want. 
Hell no!!! I keep remembering the dream. I muttered some words within my self. I wanted to talk to femi but he was not in the best of moods. Yea, he has a job to protect. He must not tow the same line with his principal but he has a job to protect. No matter the mistake, he must fix it with the right words. Hell no!!! I kept muttering .
Who told you they will release the chibok girls? Who told you they will negotiate with the government?
The moment BBOG campaign gave  the Chibok girls an international recognition, that  was the moment we lost them. Let me explain, people are dying everyday, communities annihilated , cities taken, yet no body cares to know whether people are killed except the chibok girls.
When the military regained control of some quarters in the war ravaged areas some weeks to the  general elections, it attracted less attention. The reason is simple, appraisal of performance was on whether the chibok girls have been rescued. The military needed to be encouraged which will eventually boost their moral but it never happened because all emphasis was on Chibok girls. Any other effort or success became inconsequential . 
Let debate with open mind.,Bokoharam has a lifeline and its only one . The moment the release the chibok girls , that will be their doom. A dumbest group of criminals won't be so magnanimous.
They got international recognition, they are winning the war as long as they have the chibok girls. Yes, that's what everyone believes and you can't boast that you have defeated them.
Because the international community is watching, the girls must be rescued which leaves them on top of the bargain.
As long as they have the girls, you cannot dictate for them
Insurgents do not care whether their leader dies, the chibok girls are more important.
Please,  I want to believe we are not back to square one. Let's not forget before GEJ ordered an attack , he explored all available options including negotiation and amnesty.
The road was open for Bokoharam to accept those bumper packages but the Federal government found out that no credible terrorist group exist in the whole wide world.
A blackmailer in a hide and seek scandal  that sells both the pictures and the film to his victim is a baby blackmailer. He will eventually run out of cash. Mark my word, Unless bokoharam is defeated, Chibok girls remain their lifeline. They can't let you have their bait. I want us to look at it critically, Bokoharam can and has been attacking our military while our military can only approach them with caution so that no one hurts the human shields…now tell me, can they let go of their human shields( chibok girls) ?
Hell no!!! The answer is hell no
After handing over the prisoners, the President can order the grounding of Sambisa forest considered to be their hideout, but he cannot pull such order now. Remember we need them now and alive. Hell no !!! Bokoharam won't negotiate.
Each time they explore such option, they are trying to regroup. Bokoharam is buying our time with such tactics. Hell no!!! Our president is bigger than this trick.
How do I know a credible thief? Show me a man that kills for no reason, I will show you a devil that cannot evoke a sense of regret.
What happens on the negotiation table. What do they want? To Christianize Nigeria ? Hell No, they are killing Christians. To islamize Nigeria? Hell No , mosques are no more safe. What will they present? 
Hell no!!! Bokoharam has no reason to kill.
As I write this, I pray am still dreaming . Wake me when am free. 
Hell no!!  We must crush bokoharam.
Ikechukwu Iroha is a public analyst , he could be reached through his email: ikpromo@yahoo.com.

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