How Many Years Have You Been 'Happily Married'? By Bucky Hassan


A guy once said he had been happily married for two years – but then went on to state, he had actually been married for a total of 30 years!

No-one had the courage to ask him if the happiness was in the first 2 years, the last 2 years, or sometime in the middle? Hmmmm, were they a consecutive 2 years or isolated months of happiness followed by months of anguish/boredom? Or were those 2 years the total amount of time he was asleep in the relationship??? *giggle*

It is not the number of years in a relationship that really counts, but the amount of life in the relationship. We have to quit thinking relationships can be measured by just years. If those years are of sorrow, unhappiness, pain, arguments, disloyalty – then what’s the point of rejoicing over ‘years’? Instead, lets begin ensuring the number of years really are filled with fulfilment, happiness, love and unity.

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