'In The Vanguard Of Greed' By Saintmoses Eromosele – A Review


“In The Vanguard Of Greed” is the latest play written by Saintmoses Eromosele published on February 24, 2014 by The Pedagogues Publishing.

In the play, three Africans are set on a journey to eradicate corruption from Afarland. They are determined. They have a common goal – Mr. Korrupt, as they call ‘him’, must be killed to set Africa free.

They set out on the uncertain journey ill-equipped but determined. Along the way, they got drunk. Alcohol, most times, only externalizes the internal dialogues of individuals. In their drunkeness, as it turned out to be, their true character and the ulterior motives for their “Revolution” is revealed. They abuse every iota of virtue and exhibit mortal levels of corruption than what they had accused Mr. Korrupt of.

In their corrupt schemes and counter schemes, they all murdered themselves one after the other, even before they got to the residence of Mr. Korrupt who was actually vulnerable had they been less corrupt.

It doesn’t matter what gory and grotesque picture the present time presents; an unacceptable total absence of social security and welfare for citizens and unemployed, corruption pervading politics and policies across Africa, inexplicable poverty and intolerable economic frustrations forcing children, youths and women of Africa into doing the hitherto unthinkable and the undesirable whereas those in the position of power and authority fail, or forget, to make the necessary sacrifice for the greater good of the majority of the people because they have received bullet wounds from the laughing rifles of corruption. It doesn’t matter the present continental tragedy; someday, by evolution of the revolution, corruption would be defeated, the good life will be released from captivity and given to the ordinary people of Africa in a new African Order.

This play, a humourous political satire, dramatizes that hope.

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