Industry operators express concern over influx of fake vehicle spare parts

Industry operators express concern over influx of fake vehicle spare parts
Industry operators express concern over influx of fake vehicle spare parts

Industry experts in Nigeria have emphasized the critical need to address the current surge of substandard spare parts entering the country’s automobile sector.

These experts argue that counterfeit components not only jeopardize vehicle safety but also undermine consumer trust in the authenticity of automotive products.

According to the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, a staggering 95 percent of imported auto spare parts fail to meet the minimum acceptable standards.

95% of imported auto spare parts fail standards

Yusuf Adah, Chairman of Automedics Motor International, expressed his concern about the issue, placing blame on dealers and importers for the influx of substandard vehicle spare parts.

He highlighted the challenges in combating this problem, citing a lack of commitment to excellence and integrity within the industry.

Adah stressed the importance of using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, despite their higher cost, as they prove their durability over time.

He mentioned that car owners have various options but can easily distinguish between OEM and substandard spare parts.

Adah raised concerns about the lack of customer satisfaction and a shortage of skilled professionals in the automobile industry.

He called for collective efforts to address these challenges and enhance the overall health of Nigeria’s auto sector.

Pankaj Bohhra, Chief Operating Officer of Fixit45, also discussed the issues related to spare parts quality, availability, pricing, and sourcing. He emphasized that the quality of spare parts significantly impacts the longevity of vehicles and workshop efficiency.

Bohhra pointed out additional challenges in the sector, including skill gaps among automotive professionals, subpar repairs, and limited access to essential infrastructure.

The Nigeria Customs Service, responsible for overseeing imports and exports, has called for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to combat smuggling, which has contributed to the influx of counterfeit automotive spare parts into the country.

The agency highlighted the formidable obstacles encountered in curbing smuggling in a document titled “Enhancing the Role of Nigeria Customs Service and Fostering Collaborative Efforts with Stakeholders to Prevent the Inflow of Substandard or Counterfeit Spare Parts.”