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International Women's Day: Let's Celebrate Ourselves Today


Today is International Women’s Day…

Today, I celebrate all mothers out there, effectively juggling between busy careers and family obligations. God knows it is not easy…It requires special grace to wake up 5 am everyday, prepare breakfast, get kids ready for school, drop them off at school, then go to work, go through tons of files that require your attention and undertake rigorous assignments that require your mental energy and input. In between busy office hours, you pick kids from school, keep them running around the office until closing time. 

After a hard days job, you stop by at the grocery and local market to buy some household items, start cooking as soon as you get home, help kids with daily home work, wash and iron their uniforms and ensure they are ready for school the next day. You still have to respond to “his nightly touching”… Plus chat around on Facebook and Twitter..

Women rock! God knows we do. Let’s celebrate ourselves today. And to you men reading this, please make out time and say I LOVE YOU to the women in your lives. We sure do rock!!!

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