Josh2funny Misused America’s Got Talent Show Opportunity (Video)


Josh2funny Misused America’s Got Talent Show Opportunity (Video)

Josh2funny, the Nigerian comedian, has left the judges and audience of America’s Got Talent in fits of uncontrollable laughter with his uproarious goofball acts.

On episode 10 of America’s Got Talent, the Nigerian comedian delivered three extremely unusual jokes when he took to the stage — on three occasions — for the “fastest rapper in the world,” the “fastest reader in the world,” and the “best magician in the world” performances.

During his first appearance, Josh2funny said he would perform as a fast reader, dramatically placing three books in front of him and comically pretending to read them at lightning speed.

Although Josh2funny — born Josh Alfred — did not progress to the next round, his unconventional approach left the judges bewildered.

Undeterred, he quickly transformed into another outfit, complete with a clown wig and oversized shoes.

When asked about his act, he confidently proclaimed himself as the “fastest rapper in the world” and proceeded to deliver hilariously “nonsensical” rap lines.

For his third appearance, Josh2funny showed up as a bearded magician, captivating the crowd with his sleight-of-hand tricks and witty banter.

As Josh2funny’s act reached its midpoint, a collective burst of laughter cascaded through the crowd.

Both judges and the audience acknowledged his comedic brilliance. Simon Cowell, who usually reserves his praise, rose from his seat to applaud with the crowd.

Cowell also granted three “yeses” to the comedian on behalf of his fellow judges, a decision the others contested.

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