Koroma Harps On Tinubu’s Leadership; Says Sierra Leone Will Bounce Back


President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone has said that his country will bounce back adding that the rebuilding of Sierra Leone is in progress.  

The president made the statement at a brief reception on Friday for Tinubu, who was visiting Sierra Leone to accept a doctorate of Civil Laws from the Njala University, Freetown.

He added that his country and himself are happy to be associated with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu because of the kind of leadership the latter has provided and continues to provide.

“We should honour people like you who has what it takes for leadership. Some of us are fortunate to be associated with you. We will deepen our relationship with Nigeria. Before the United Nations came, Nigeria stood by us, with soldiers whose blood and sweat watered our tree of liberation. For someone like you who has demonstrated great leadership quality, we are happy to be associated with you.

President Koroma further stated that his country is making steady progress and is on the course of rebound.

“Sierra Leone is on the rebound. There is a lot we can share from Nigeria’s experience. We will try to implement our agenda for posterity. We have come a long way. There is still a long way to emancipate our people. We are rebuilding our country and the lives of our people. Efforts to stabilize our country and people are on. We are opening up Sierra Leone. Soon, Sierra Leone will become very attractive for investment. Sierra Leone just needs time. We put in place proper structures to get the country working again.

“If we are making any progress here, it is because of the efforts and contributions people like you have made. Everything that happens in Nigeria affects us here. Good leadership in Nigeria affects us. We are watching events in Nigeria as it unfolds and at the end we hope democracy and the will of the people will prevail. Africa only needs leadership. We need to be on the path of transformative leadership and that is what we should have,” he stressed.

The President explained that oil exploration is growing as is mining while there are good potentials for iron ore and agriculture. He said 60 per cent of the people of Sierra Leone are engaged in agriculture even as the country moves to commercialize agriculture. He believes there is a lot Sierra Leone can share from Nigeria’s experience. 

Asiwaju Tinubu, in his remarks, said if Africa must regain its stride and be attractive for Foreign Direct Investment, it must look inwards for renaissance and build institutions that will support good

governance and democracy. Priority, he added, must be given to education, helping the common man, fighting poverty, and giving affordable healthcare.

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