Leatherback revolutionizes cross border payments with new mobile app

Leatherback revolutionizes cross border payments with new mobile app
Leatherback revolutionizes cross border payments with new mobile app

In a world where sending money across borders is often a complex and costly endeavor, Leatherback, a dynamic tech company, has introduced a groundbreaking mobile app that promises to simplify and democratize cross-border payments for Africans worldwide.

This innovative platform aims to eliminate the paperwork, exorbitant fees, and lengthy delays associated with international money transfers, making it as effortless as sending a text message.

Leatherback, founded in 2019, has been on a mission to streamline cross-border payments for Africans by providing accessible remittance and multi-currency solutions.

Inspired by the Leatherback turtle, known for its vast migrations across oceans and continents, the company’s CEO and Co-founder, Toyeeb Ibrahim, envisioned a financial world where money could move as freely as this remarkable sea creature.

Much like the Leatherback turtle’s ability to traverse borders and withstand diverse environments, Leatherback Finance aspires to provide individuals with the freedom to manage their finances globally.

The challenges posed by factors such as geographical location, fluctuating exchange rates, the search for trustworthy financial partners, high transaction fees, and more have long hindered people from achieving their financial goals.

Leatherback aims to break down these barriers and offer a solution.

Leatherback Finance’s resilience knows no borders, and it strives to grant everyone access to services that enable true global financial freedom.

With a deep understanding of the pain points associated with cross-border payments, Leatherback has developed a mobile app designed to enable instant money transfers in any currency.

The Leatherback mobile app is a user-friendly platform with a sleek and intuitive interface. Its straightforward onboarding process allows users to create an account in just two minutes, eliminating the hassle of paperwork.

Moreover, the app offers several features to ensure secure and hassle-free currency transfers:

  • SendR: A Leatherback remittance product that allows individuals to send funds in their local currency, with beneficiaries receiving the funds instantly in their preferred currency, whether it’s NGN, ZAR, TZS, CFA, XAF, XOF, GHS, GBP, USD, or many others.
  • Multi-currency Account: Users can own a multi-currency account to facilitate swift transactions and deposits/withdrawals in various currencies. Importantly, users can transfer funds between sub-accounts or convert currencies as needed, often at preferential exchange rates.
  • Daily Rates and Negotiation: Users in the diaspora can access daily currency rates and negotiate rates that suit their preferences. Leatherback ensures that offered rates are considered.
  • Instant Transfers: Through advanced technology and strategic partnerships with banking networks, Leatherback enables instant fund transfers, providing recipients with rapid access to their funds when required.

Leatherback is authorized by reputable regulatory bodies, ensuring that its mobile app is accessible to users in various African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, and more.

This inclusive approach aligns with the company’s mission of creating a global community where financial transaction barriers cease to exist.

Toyeeb Ibrahim, CEO of Leatherback, expressed his enthusiasm for the app’s launch, stating, “We are proud to introduce our mobile app to empower Africans in the diaspora by providing solutions tailored to their cross-border payment needs.

We love the idea of accessing 15+ currencies and transacting across 21 countries on the go, without physically visiting a bank.”

Leatherback’s mobile app represents a significant step towards a more interconnected world, where financial barriers are dismantled, and individuals have the power to connect, support, and thrive across borders. In addition to efficient remittance services, Leatherback has plans to integrate additional financial solutions in the future, further solidifying its commitment to providing individuals with the fastest cross-border payments.

To begin using the Leatherback app, users can download it from the Play Store and App Store. For more information, visit www.leatherback.co.