Microsoft to lay off 1,900 as tech job cuts intensify

Microsoft to lay off 1,900 as tech job cuts intensify
Microsoft to lay off 1,900 as tech job cuts intensify

Microsoft Corp. Is set to lay off 1,900 people across its video-game divisions including at Activision Blizzard, which it recently acquired.

As reported by Bloomberg, this development was announced in an email to staff sighted by the publication. Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer wrote that the cuts represented about 8% of Microsoft’s 22,000 gaming workers.

Microsoft closed its $69 billion deal for Activision Blizzard in October, boosting its heft in the video gaming market with best-selling titles, including “Call of Duty,” to better compete with industry leader Sony. Other video game companies, including Riot Games, have also enacted mass layoffs.

Empathizing with some of the Blizzard staff affected by the layoffs, the company’s President, Mike Ybarra, who was also impacted by the exercise, said:

“To all of those impacted today – I am always available to you and understand how challenging today’s news is. My heart is with each one of you.”

In a message shared on X to announce his exit from the company, Ybarra added:

“I want to thank everyone who is impacted today for their meaningful contributions to their teams, to Blizzard, and players’ lives. It’s an incredibly hard day and my energy and support will be focused on all those amazing individuals impacted – this is in no way a reflection on your amazing work. If there’s anything I can help with, connections, recommendations, etc., DM me.

“To the Blizzard community: I also want to let you all know today is my last day at Blizzard. Leading Blizzard through an incredible time and being part of the team, shaping it for the future ahead, was an absolute honour. Having already spent 20+ years at Microsoft and with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard behind us, it’s time for me to (once again) become Blizzard’s biggest fan from the outside.”

More than 60 other tech companies, including Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc., have let go almost 11,000 employees so far this year, according to, which tracks tech industry job cuts.

After laying off hundreds of staff, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, last week told the company’s workers to brace for more job cuts as the tech giant continues to implement more cost-cutting measures across its operations.

Pichai said the layoffs this year were about “removing layers to simplify execution and drive velocity in some areas.” He confirmed what many inside Google have been fearing: that more “role eliminations” are to come.