My Pact With My People


My Pact With My People

Lawmaking and oversight are the primary functions of legislators. There abound other responsibilities but are secondary. The recent happenings have posed a lot of demands on the legislative arms.

As an acute/valuable section of the government, ensuring dividends of democracy are evenly shared among constituents is mandatory of a compassionate representative. Aside lobbying for situation of Life touching infrastructures to benefit my constituency and constituents, I shall equally dole out financial assistance on education for indigent students in collaboration with the established students union (FILSU).

Entrusting me the mandate to represent the good people of Iwo at the Osun State House of Assembly is a huge investment in promotion of Iwo constituency and her constituents.

As a legislator;

1. I will sponsor a bill for education reform to reposition our state among others and bill to make scholarship accessible to less privileged.

2. I will sponsor a bill that will provide lasting solutions to our healthcare system problems and improve our primary health care centres.

3. I will sponsor a bill that will protect and provide resources for farmers and their crops as well as bill to maximize their profits through government-farmers scheme.

4. I will sponsor a bill that will enable government to improve on youths empowerment.

5. There will be consistent town hall meetings to discuss the development of every town in Iwo state constituency .

6. I will sponsor a bill on local government autonomy as this will make our LGs to function well and bring dividends of democracy to the grassroots.

7. I will be your chief lobbyist.

Here is a section of my TRIPOD AGENDA.

Constituents and Constituency Advancement.

It is broken down below:

1. Financial support in education in collaboration with Iwoland student body and other meaningful indigenous developmental organizations.

2. Entrepreneurship summit will be organized for our pre-tertiary students during holiday periods.

3. Jobless constituency youths will get support and recommendations needed to secure jobs.

4. Vocational Training will be regularly organised to assist youths to be independent and self-sustainable.

5. Widows amidst us will find a worthy help and support to be able to vend for themselves and their wards.

6. Sports will be used as a tool to get our youths engaged. We have organized and will continue to organize football competitions to detect our talented sportsmen, nurture them and give them the platform to pursue their dreams.

7. There will be an avenue for all our young artists to showcase themselves and assist them to achieve their dreams in life.

8. Market women will be provided with opportunities to access financial aids to boost their business.

Service to humanity is my watchword,
Bringing the dividends of democracy to my people is my target, Developing Iwoland is the task that must be accomplished.

Support and vote for RAI

Alh. Rufai Adeniyi Ismail
Osun State House of Assembly 2019, Iwo State Constituency