N90bn Asset: When Is El-Rufai Going To Court Against The Union?


Whenever newspapers publish what our politicians don't like, they threaten to go to court. But I can't remember how many of them ever carried out their threats.
Except maybe Bode George and that incident led to the newspaper digging deeper on that story with revelations that earned Bode George a room at Kirikiri.
Why are Nigerians afraid to take on newspapers if all they publish are lies?
Don't we have libel and defamation laws in this country?
Don't defend people who will issue a threat in the day time,but at night they send emissaries to editors not to do a follow up on the story.
If you are passionate about that quality of journalism you think is ideal,encourage people to go to court against newspapers that publish " trash" about them.
I am waiting for Nasir el Rufai to go to court.
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