Naira hits record low of N1,410 /$1 at the black market

Naira weakens despite three-month low for U.S. dollar index
Naira weakens despite three-month low for U.S. dollar index

Naira on Thursday fell to a record low of N1,410 per dollar following strong demand on the parallel market, also known as the black market.

This represents 3.29% or N45.00 weaker than N1,365 recorded at the close of trading on Wednesday.

The observed depreciation is unparalleled and stands as the lowest point in the historical performance of the Naira, reflecting the severity of the current economic challenges.

Market analysts attribute the recent decline to a consistent surge in demand for dollars that has been evident since the commencement of January. The primary contributors to this heightened demand include:

A substantial portion of the demand is attributed to businesses actively seeking to restock goods or acquire raw materials, necessitating a higher demand for foreign exchange.

Individuals pursuing overseas studies have also played a significant role in driving the demand for dollars. This trend is likely connected to the need for tuition payments and related educational expenses.

The departure of diaspora Nigerians, particularly noticeable after the holiday season, has contributed to the increased demand for foreign currency. The departure of individuals from the US and other foreign countries has had a notable impact on the parallel market.

With schools abroad reopening, international students are actively restocking their foreign currency reserves to meet impending school fees and other financial obligations. Additionally, students are securing funds for holiday allowances.

The unprecedented depreciation marks the lowest point in the naira’s history against the US dollar, raising concerns about potential economic ramifications.