Nigerian Youths Wake Up From Slumber To Liberate Nigeria, By Ogunolu Samsideen


Dear Youths,
First and foremost I want to appreciate God who created me for a purpose and HE sent message and never leave me alone till today, glory be to your name.
We have been crying and shouting for rescue from our old leading leaders who doesn’t care maybe youths are existing or not, I could remember 2013 when I was invited by a presenter from PARAMOUNT FM in ogun state and also I was invited by presenter from  kwara TV 2015 respectively  to speak on the YOUTHS OF TODAY that what is our role so far in this country, I spoke at length on the topic that the problem of today in this country was originated from youths if we can make the research or do the traces very well and the solution is also in our hands but the major problem that have observed for the past 20 years and till today is “MONEY” we youths of today are lazy that is why the then government and today’s government are making use of the advantage to maltreat and ignore we youths during the election they will comply to toast us but after they achieve their aim we are no more useful  and “IMPORTANCE OF YOUTHS IN NIGERIA” is more powerful than the way we have been treated because without youths there is no election but we have abused and useless the power of youths just because we have sold it to the government as a result of laziness and wrong mentality.
During the lifestyle of past leaders they started their leadership skill at the appropriate time which is very youthful and meaningful and they were able to deliver successful the likes of AWOLOWO, OJUKWU, MURITALA, SHAGARI,OBASANJO and others even our present president MUHAMMED BUHARI started with youthful age and today is still their just because they all believe that there is no more youths that we are too corrupt to give chance.
Aside Dimeji Bankole  who has disappointed over 50 million youths in Nigeria who else can we say is youth and is in government at any level who is playing the role of youths and helping as far as Nigeria politics is concern today we silent and fold hands watching over and our future is paralyzing .
I have message for you if you know yourself that you are a journalist who suppose to be of help to speak on youths behalf because you have power to do so but you are using wrong excuses at the wrong channel just because the way youths are misbehaving or maybe they don’t have money to give you God is watching , I can tell you with confidence that is not all youths are corrupt there are some youths who are seriously working to make sure that government hear  voice of Nigerian youths the way youths are suffering but some youths and students organization are selling the future of Nigerian youths and students.
On behalf of over 50 million youths am pleading to all Nigerian journalists to support us and always release press about youths so that we can put more pressure on our government to give we youths chance to fix us in some positions that we will be able to play our role in Nigeria politics to avoid increasing in thugs, arm rubbers and other bad act so that we will be giving out right information to the right channel for them to leave a meaningful life.
I want to say our Nigerian lawyers are running away from their responsibilities just because some believe that it is not only to appear in the court nothing else which is not ,we need lawyers whenever we want to be maltreated because is not everybody that will understand Nigeria law as far as am concern I don’t even know if truly law is existing in this country because we only hear but no proper implementation .
Youths need you support by giving out guideline how to fight for your rights at the right time not at the wrong time so that your right can not be taking from you if truly you know it.
Please and please be of good help because as far as Nigeria is concern today youths are suffering which we need lawyer’s support to stand for us so that we can take our position in Nigeria politics we should be involved not be ignored.
I pray that government should give a progressive and sincere youth’s representatives chance in order to perform more than expectation. Amen
God bless NANC!!!!
God bless Nigeria!!!!
God bless concern citizen!!!