Nigerians, Amaka And Disappointment, By Remi Otuneye

remi otuneye

Nigerians, Amaka and Disappointment, By Remi Otuneye

Tuface sang the song titled “Amaka”, and he was constantly disappointed by the lady (Amaka). He loves woman and he is very straightforward. Using Tu Baba’ “Amaka disappoint me” metaphor to typify the current happenings in Nigeria, I will say I love her, Nigeria but I am a realist. I am disappointed in the people making up the nation. Both the rulers and the ruled have failed the state and the people of Nigeria.

It was French philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau writes that man is born free, everywhere he goes- he is in chain. The people of the nation are leaving in bondage of poor leadership and dumb followership. For how long do we want to continue in this way? Doing same thing overtime and expecting different result. Our problem is not bad polity, but crude politics of He-is-our-own-let-him-do-it.

Everywhere you go, you see yesterday’s men and fresh ones regrouping to come back and continue to enjoy the spoils of the office – I mean National Cake. The youths are not left out. Everybody is looking for “ona ati je” (where to eat from) suffice it does not affect our immediate family. Can we now see the tragedy of the commons? We are all in this together. Failed promises and disappointments every four-four years.

There are too many lamentations these days. I look up and see disappointment everywhere: killings and destructions; afflictions and sorrows; tears and pains; weeping and crying; iniquities and betrayals; wickedness, and inhumanity of man to man.

Young man with vision, no path way to follow. The roads are rough and crooked. The old want to keep their relevance while the young ones are losing their vitality and strength. That spirit – of Naija – is gradually dying low. How do we defend a nation with empty stomachs? No Job for the common man. Hunger and starvation everywhere. Yet, we put all blame on the government. What about those who constituted the governed? Are we not disappointed?

I look up again and see the insincerity of man upon the earth. We are quick to blame everyone but ourselves. A little drop of rain, a middle income salary earner will trek half of his journey just to complement the monthly transportation budget. Why? The Drivers and conductors are not smiling, they are willing to cash out from the unfortunate rain that is supposed to be a shower of blessings. It happens also in private administrations.

The Big fishes are eating up the smaller ones in corporate world. Monkey is working, baboon is eating. You work like an elephant and break your unspiritual fasting like an ant. You gain admission to school for years, MSc. inclusive, only to be employed as a contract staff with meagre salary of N50, 000, that is if you are lucky, because some companies that have relocated from Lagos to other states of the country are proudly paying N30,000 (Health and pension benefit inclusive). Please who did this to us? We cast the first stone to lay aspersion on government on many issues we created for ourselves. Are you not disappointed? I am talking to you employers and employees.

As a public servant, you put your best to public service. Opening new grounds and putting magnificent structure of world standard in place. You do your best, only for the hangmen to come with the rope and the evidence. Why? They are not being carried along. I laugh, lol, does the gun that liberated rule? Ambo, we are coming through indeed!

Another four years is fast approaching. We now have FEE and FAIR primaries producing parties’ flag bearer. A looter is set to continua, Victoria on any of the divides is uncertain.

And they say we should not talk! The compatriots are not arising; they have relocated to their ethnic and parochial backgrounds. The sell-out youths, the filth columnists, the Biafra irredentists, the Niger-delta Zionists, the Igbo everybody-hate-us-ists, the Yoruba I-too-knowists, the Fulani hegemonists, the Unionists and the Activist, we are all in this together.

I have an advice: politics or election will not take us to the promise land. It is a pure lie. A Blatant one!

As said by an ancient scholar, politics is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. From churches to mosques; public and private domains; slum and urban areas; It is everywhere. It is local. It is a game of the mind – interest and selfishness. When you desire what you cannot get because you have money to spend; or what you know you are not capable to handle due to old age and you deprive others who are fit, it is selfishness, wickedness, and memes of politics of deprivation. It is not too late to repent.

Of recent, I also see foolishness on the part of the followers, majorly the southern Nigerian youths who have not witnessed ethnic cleansing or communal conflict. It is a pity, you concur that all die na die when innocent souls are sent to their early grave unsung in Ozubulu and Omerelu areas of Anambra and Port Harcourt respectively, but ready to articulate when same is replicated in Benue and Jos. You are not different from Amaka. You are part of the problem causing confusion. You are a disappointment! You cannot love the dead than yourselves.

And when asked the way forward, all you get as a reply is “If you ask me, na who I go ask?”

Lemme come and be going before I lose weight from lamentation.

To your tent O’ Israel.

Remi Otuneye is a Master’s Candidate of International Relations and Affairs, writes from Lagos. He can be reached @

Contact Editor using or call direct 0808 360 9209.

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