Nigerians, What Manner Of People!


There are indications that Nigerians are going down and downer on the perditious route of self destructive polarization.

The clear absence of balance of viewpoints shows up in virtually every aspect of our discourse. Every one is taking the route of extreme fundamentalism.

Today in Nigeria, if you are of the view that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has a case to answer irrespective of whatever revelation he made. You are tagged a Jonathanian.

And those who so tagged you expect you to turn blind eye to the missing or is it ‘unaccounted for’ $20 billion. In their highly polarised mind, which interestingly and shamefully has become the order of the day, those who ask for the CBNs N242 billion, should not also ask about the $20billion. One is a counter to another.

These same folks who unfortunately make up 85% of the very vocal few talk and act in ways that suggest that one should not demand for both the investigation of CBN and NNPC at the same time.

What shocks me is how supposedly highly informed people believe Sanusi has a case to answer but not the GMD of NNPC and the Minister of Petroleum. Equally shameful are those who are only interested in $20 billion missing funds but think Sanusi is a saint and whatever allegations against him should be swept under the carpet.

Another interesting example is the Centenary Celebrations and the massacred kids in Yobe State. To these folks, those who cry out against the killing of the kids should not support the Centenary celebrations. Its either you are here or there.

If you support the celebrations, you are for Jonathan. But if you question the need for such, you are anti Jonathan. If you agree with the list of honourees, you like Jonathan. But if you acknowledge the right of people to reject Centenary honours bestowed on them, you are tagged anti Jonathan.

If you decry the killing of the children you are tagged anti Jonathan as if Jonathan has a hand in killing the children. Theses half baked propagandists don’t even know how to positively project whom they support.

A lot of our people have so shamelessly taken positions on issues that are contrary to their professed values simply because they want to maintain a certain level of political correctness inspired by ethnicity, religion or other pecuniary interests. And worse still, they are so vocal about what they should be ashamed of.

I am building a coalition of the centrists. Those who are for Nigeria. Those who want both CBN, Ministry of Finance, NNPC and the Ministry of Petroleum to be subjected to forensic investigations.

Those who support the rights of people to reject their Centenary honours. But believe such an occasion should be marked (but not overtly celebrated).

If you agree with me. Join me lets rescue our people. Especially the harebrained supposedly leaders of tomorrow.

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