NPA’s full automation and cargo tracking implementation

NPA's full automation and cargo tracking implementation
NPA's full automation and cargo tracking implementation

A significant step toward enhancing the ease of doing business across Nigerian ports is on the horizon as the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, announced that the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is set to introduce comprehensive automation and cargo tracking systems.

Minister Oyetola disclosed this development during his meeting with Professor Gunter Pauli, a renowned entrepreneur and sustainability expert, who recently visited Nigeria.

The visit was facilitated by local partners Premium Blue Economy Innovation and Investment.

Nigeria’s economic diversification

Emphasizing the government’s commitment to diversifying the Nigerian economy away from oil, Minister Oyetola highlighted the deliberate creation of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy.

He stated, “Again, we are going to be talking of automation of ports to make them more efficient. I would like to tell you that in another two years, it will all change.

We are bringing in automation and cargo tracking as we are working on that for implementation.”

Furthermore, the Minister expressed a strong interest in forging partnerships with relevant stakeholders through Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements to harness the full potential of the ocean sector for rapid economic development.

He stressed the importance of improving livelihoods, creating jobs, and preserving the ecosystem’s health.

Minister Oyetola noted, “70 per cent of the resources that are available actually come from the ocean, and we have it in abundance here.”

He reiterated the government’s commitment to PPP arrangements, fostering an enabling environment for business growth.

The Minister highlighted the favorable security situation in Nigerian waterways, citing two years without a single piracy incident. He encouraged investors to seize the opportunities presented by the ocean sector and collaborate with the newly established Ministry to drive development.