Obaseki emphasizes fairness in choosing successor

Obaseki emphasizes fairness in choosing successor
Obaseki emphasizes fairness in choosing successor

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has stressed the importance of fairness, equity, and inclusivity in the process of selecting his successor for the upcoming Governorship election in 2024.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Governor Obaseki made it clear that his administration’s primary focus is to conclude its term on a strong note.

The governor firmly asserted that it is not within his purview to dictate, “appoint or anoint” his successor.

Instead, he emphasized the significance of ensuring a selection process that embodies fairness, equity, and inclusiveness, with the overarching goal of maintaining unity within Edo State.

He stated, “But all I know is that in the process of seeking my successor, there must be fairness, equity, and a sense of inclusion because our goal is to keep Edo as one.

For me, that is the only issue I understood that may be a problem and that should not stop us. The important thing for us as an administration is for us to finish strong and try to complete everything we told Edo people we would do for them during our campaign.”

Addressing questions regarding his relationship with the State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, Governor Obaseki clarified, “I have nothing personal against the Deputy Governor and never had. For me, the issues are very straightforward.”

The Independent National Electoral Commission has scheduled the Edo governorship election for September 21, 2024.