OctaFX Organises Exclusive Forex Trading Workshop With Ambrose Ebuka


Here are some details on this four-day, exclusive workshop that can supercharge your Forex career.

Since the global rebranding, OctaFX has time and time again kept its promise of being focused on its clients’ goals. In light of this, the global Forex broker decided to organise a private Forex trading workshop with Ambrose Ebuka. Ambrose is OctaFX’s brand ambassador for Forex education.

He is a trader with three years of experience that has garnered a lot of insights into the Forex trading world throughout the years.

OctaFX Organises Exclusive Forex Trading Workshop With Ambrose Ebuka

The Forex trading workshop is an exclusive event.It is only available to users who complete the registration on the landing page. This exclusive trading course runs for four days, with a curriculum spanning basic Forex concepts, strategies, and the types of analysis used to predict the future market price movement and make profits.

The workshop will be a hands-on, practical experience that promises to take all participants to heightened skill levels in trading. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, there is something for everyone. There will be invaluable information shared from Ambrose’s personal practices that have led him to success today. The workshop will be held on the 27th and 29th of September, and the 4th and 6th of October 2022.

The online Forex trading workshop is divided into 4 parts. Participants will be introduced to Forex market, Forex analysis, risk management, live trading sessions, and summary.

The aim of the first lesson, introduction to Forex, is to provide participants with knowledge and basic information about the market. The second lesson focuses on examining market changes that may take place and forces that might influence price movements. Evaluation of risk will centre on the identification of procedures to avoid or minimise the impact of sudden market movements and analysis miscalculations. There is a live trading session during the final lesson for participants to implement everything learnt on a real trading account and understand the commentary of the speaker. This enables members to put into practice various trading skills they have developed. At the end of each lesson, there is a Q & A session to assess the attendee’s knowledge upon completion.

It is important to note that this initiative gives room to everyone who has intentions to trade but has found it difficult. How can you take part in this workshop? Go to this link and register your interest in participation. Here is your chance!

All participants will receive a certificate of completion by OctaFX to verify they have sufficient knowledge to trade after passing the course.