Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari, By Bripin Victor


National Association of Niger Delta Student Malaysia chapter under the Niger Delta Amnesty proramme thank the president on his speech wish include, he will invest heavily in the Niger Delta Amnesty programme, we pray God should give him the wisdom and understanding to pilot the affairs of our great nation.
It has come to our notice the delaying in appointing chairman and special adviser to the president on Niger Delta affairs, that many persons are indicating interest in the position, 
Mr. President sir, because of the delay of not have chairman in the Amnesty office student under the proramme are sufferingmostlyin Diaspora, many of us have been packed out of our apartment because of no payment of accommodation, tuition fees,. We have been in this struggle for many years and weknow the right persons that can work with you to bring the change you desire for this programme.

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We are not imposing anybody for you but we are pleading with you to see reasons with us. We bring to you our brother a leader and a person that  has  youths of the region in heart, that is in person of  chief Michael Johnny, he is the most credible person to handle this office, every other person fronting himself  making protest in street are just making awareness and want to create popularity for himself.
Mr. President sir, over three  hundred student here in Malaysia in several institutions,  we have come together and we speak in one voice that chief  Michael Johnny is the preferred person to be the chairman of Niger Delta Amnesty programme.
We pray Mr, presidentyou look into this our letter and make your final decision in the many names that has been submitted to you for this same office.
Sign by leaders of Niger Delta students inDiaspora (Malaysia chapter)
Long live the Niger Delta region!!
Long live federal republic of Nigeria!!
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