Portable And His Artist Attacked During Cloth Shopping In Lekki (Video)


Portable And His Artist Attacked During Cloth Shopping In Lekki (Video)

Nigerian Street Pop sensation Portable is back in the news after being attacked in Lekki.

Known for his many troubleshooting antics, Portable has become a household name with his music, fashion, and antics bringing him fame and success.

In yet another undesirable event, Portable was on August 8, 2023, attacked in Lekki while on shopping with his entourage.

In a video shared on his Instagram story, Portable states that he went to shop for clothes for his artist Yung Duu in Lekki when street boys attacked him and his artists who sustained injuries on his face.

Portable reveals that the boys approached him during his shopping and claimed to be fans with a demand to be given money. After he failed to give them money, the boys revealed that they’re cultists and today August 8 marked their 8/8 celebrations before harassing him.

In the video, Portable states that he would take revenge whenever his attackers enter Sango Tedo where he resides. Portable embarked on a lengthy rant during which he boasts of being heavily fortified and also being a member of a rival cult group.

Today’s event is yet another controversy in what has become the norm for Portable who during the lengthy video failed to state whether he would be reporting the situation to the Police.