Reflections With Funmi: Hope Amidst Despair!


There are lamentations all around: 

Some Women and Daughters of this land now live in fear of Rape and abuse, 

Some of our Men and Sons are being slaughtered daily, 

As a people, we are rendered powerless, watching with dismay the needless deaths and wastages, Our commonwealth go down the drains…hmn

The children of our land are no longer safe in their schools, Some have not even been to school in months,

Collectively, we are abused and dehumanized daily by happenings all around.

The North of our land is under the siege of Terrorism, 

The South under the grip of Militants, 

The East and the West are not spared the scourge of Kidnappings, 

Under-development stares us in the face all over, 

National Resources are not even properly accounted for, what a shame!

Leaders are as confused as the people (if not more),

There’s none to comfort those grieving or encourage the weary,

We are like a ship on the high Sea, drifting to and fro in the midst of dangerous storms, 

We keep wondering, is the ship of state without a capable captain?… Scary, very SCARY!

Are we at war? Not exactly!

Do we really have peace? Sadly, No!

Yet, Bomb goes off at will killing scores; villages are invaded with scores murdered regularly.

The citizens live in perpetual fear of the unknown, from Lagos to Sokoto, Abuja to Enugu, Kwara to Port-Harcourt, while Politicians think about next elections.

Some political supporters even threaten more bloodshed if their choice candidate isn’t voted into office, what a shallow mindset!

Some are doing well irrespective of these situations, legitimately. Some are also benefiting from the chaotic situations.

However, what are riches of a few in the midst of mass poverty and gross insecurity, especially when we can have it all?

These and many more presently plague our land,

Who will lead us out of this wilderness?

How long will these situations persist?

Yet, this land will flourish again, 

Our people shall bounce back and possess their possessions

Nigeria and Nigerians shall survive.

There shall be songs of rejoicing on our streets again,

Our children shall again grow in an atmosphere of peace,

This land shall abhor all form of violence, abuse, corruption and all evil practices.

Justice shall be our banner,

Peace shall be on our streets,

Ethnic nationalities shall again have purpose and direction in their unique area of strengths.

Our people shall be confident and be no more ashamed in the comity of Nations,

Our citizens shall no longer die like chickens on the roads,

Malaria shall no more send our children to early grave.

Our hospitals shall be life preserving centres indeed,

Our security operatives shall be epitome of professionalism and envy of all,

Our students shall flourish and crime shall be far from our youths.

With all efforts of the ‘ruling’ class seemingly failing,

We mourn with those who mourn,

We grieve with those waiting for their kidnapped family/friend to return home, 

We dare to keep hope alive.

I speak Hope to the very soul of Nigeria, Life to her dead areas,

Comfort to the wounded,

Strength to the battle weary,

Accuracy to her leaders in every level and on all matters,

Peace in her borders,

Prosperity to her people.

With the picture of a better future in mind, while we are still working towards that glorious era, 

I raise a toast to that greatness in us, a bright future that we will all enjoy and bequeath to our generations unborn.

To everyone who is weary, grieving, frustrated and/or in fear because of the current happenings in our land and the uncertainty of tomorrow, 

I bring words of Hope amidst our collective despair.


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