The Senate As Retirement Home For Ex-governors And The Intrigues Of Bukar’s ‘Poorlitics’


The Senate As Retirement Home For Ex-governors And The Intrigues Of Bukar’s ‘Poorlitics’

Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim says in pages 360 of his soon to be released new book “Poorlitics”, {running over to page 361} and I Quote him verbatim:

“Many Governor end up in the Senate not because they want to keep giving to the community, but for the fear of the emptiness at the end of power. I entered the Senate probably for both reasons: to remain relevant politically and to keep contributing to my nation. The psychological destruction of becoming irrelevant , is crushing. As a governor, your phones are constantly ringing and you need others to pick and filter your calls. After governorship, your phones go dead and those that once chased after you, no longer want to talk to you or want to end the conversation and quickly move on. You are deserted by your retinue of assistants. The sirens go dead and you who thought your ideas were the wisdom of God are no longer considered infallible and your ideas are dismissed as nothing special. There has to be a kind of psychological psychiatric process to help former successful politicians to return to normalcy“

Yet again another controversial, bold and unusual statement, an admission if you will from a very unusual man.

The Senate has indeed become, “A Retirement Home For Ex-governors”.

The Senate as the highest law making body of the country is fast becoming a retirement home for former Governors. These governors after serving the stipulated two terms of eight years, as the Chief Executive Officers of their states, will still want to remain relevant and to be reckoned with.

They will thus use their influence as the leader of the party in their state to corner the Senatorial tickets.

They are not seeking election to the Senate because of the need to adequately represent their people and bring development to their states, No!

They do so, simply to fulfil their own selfish desires of still being I control of the political arrangements in their states, keeping an eye on the governors they almost always choose singlehandedly, or must have had a hand in the way the governors evolved, and remaining politically relevant in the scheme of things….A case of, ” George Orwell’s 1984: The Big Brother is Watching You”

Unputdownable is “Poorlitics”, Fair but Frank, Shaking Tables is Bukar!

And talking of Bukar, a politician, complicit, yet making a statement on Governors turning Senators that is complete *360*, from the way his fellow politicians see the matter of Governors turning Senators and presenting his dissenting treatise, as we read from page 360, of the enthralling book, “Poorlitics”… I am now forced to ask — Is Bukar now from Sage to Seer!?

A coincidence, a Happenstance or perhaps prophetic???
Your choice.

But this is what I know, “Poorlitics”, as co-authored by Governor turned Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim and Sam Agha Egwu, is an enthralling book.

I am enthused by it. An exciting romp through the varied and sometimes political landscape of Nigeria, from the precolonial period up to these present times….

Autobiographies and Biographies are mostly smoke and mirrors… But this is different, very different.

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