Ndume clarifies walkout from senate session led by Akpabio

Ndume clarifies walkout from senate session led by Akpabio
Ndume clarifies walkout from senate session led by Akpabio

The Chief Whip, Senator Ali Ndume, has clarified the circumstances leading to his exit from the chamber during a heated encounter with Senate President Godswill Akpabio.

The incident unfolded during a plenary session, where Ndume raised concerns about what he perceived as violations occurring within the Senate.

Senator Ndume employed a point of order to draw attention to what he considered “procedural infringements” taking place within the chamber.

This action, however, ran counter to established parliamentary procedures, as Senate President Akpabio interrupted Ndume’s speech, prompting the Senator to leave the chamber.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Hausa, Senator Ndume shed light on the reasons behind his departure, specifically relating to his decision to exit during a discussion regarding the closure of Nigeria’s borders.

According to Ndume, the situation unraveled when Senator Kawu Sumaila introduced a motion that he claimed was of utmost urgency concerning the border closure between Nigeria and Niger.

Initially, there was a debate about the urgency of the motion, but the Senate President allowed Sumaila to present his argument.

After hearing the motion, it was collectively agreed that, given its implications for national security, it should be postponed.

Senator Ndume expressed his intention to clarify the importance of the motion to the assembly.

However, the Senate President refused to grant him the opportunity to address the issue.

In his words, “I would like to clarify that the motion, although impactful, falls outside the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Senate.

The closure of the border was not initiated by the President of Nigeria, but rather during his tenure as President of ECOWAS.

As such, he has the authority to advocate on our behalf. In order to address this matter, it is imperative to involve the President of our nation, but I was not afforded the opportunity to convey this message.”

Ndume explained that his exit coincided with the time for prayer, leading to his departure from the chamber. Regrettably, this led to misconceptions among his colleagues, and the media misinterpreted the reason behind his departure.