Snapchat Moves To Web After Over 10 Years As Mobile-Only Service


Snapchat, the popular photo and messaging app, said it is set to launch Snapchat for the Web, allowing users to send messages and make video calls to their contacts from their computers. This is coming after operating for over 10 years as a mobile-only service.

The new desktop version of Snapchat will at first only be available to Australian and New Zealand users, in addition to Snapchat+ subscribers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Snap launched Snapchat+ in June, allowing users to pay $3.99 a month for more advanced features, like changing the style of their app icon and seeing who’s viewed their content.

Snapchat Moves To Web After Over 10 Years As Mobile-Only Service

The web offering will be a more stripped-down version of the mobile app, primarily focusing on its messaging feature instead of its Stories feature. Like the core Snap app, messages will disappear after 24 hours, and any Snaps users watch from their desktop computers will delete right after viewing.

Snap says it will eventually bring more features of the app to the desktop version, including the ability for users to liven up their video calls with the use of Lenses. Currently, people will have to access Snapchat for Web via the Chrome browser, but the company said that it would soon support other browsers and could release a desktop app in the future.