Socialite Farida Abdulkadir’s Estranged Husband Breaks Silence On Separation


Socialite Farida Abdulkadir’s Estranged Husband Breaks Silence On Separation

Demola Odulaja, the estranged husband of socialite Farida Abdulkabir aka Farida Sobowale, has accused the businesswoman of ending their marriage with promiscuity.

Last Thursday, Farida, the chief executive officer of House of Phreedah Body Care, attempted to plunge into a lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos. She was however stopped by passers-by.

In an interview with a Yoruba social commentator, ArewaTopeFamous, on Tuesday via Instagram Live, Odulaja alleged Farida was promiscuous and covetous.

Odulaja said he and Farida had known each other for 20 years but their relationship became unstable due to her “unrestrained and promiscuous way of living.”

He alleged they were in a sexual relationship even when she was married to her ex-husband, Tunde Sobowale, whom she bore her three children.

The London-based businessman further alleged that Farida indiscriminately visited his brother who lived close to them often and even stayed there for hours without justifying her action.

When asked what he thought about Farida’s allegation that he was a gigolo, Odulaja said,

“I am extremely wealthy, I live in a 22-bedroom mansion, if I count 20 of my friends inside the 20 Pheerda has slept with 18. When I got back to Nigeria from abroad in 2009 Pharreda came to Lagos at 2010 that same year I took her to china embassy with me so she can start travelling to buy and sell things from China me that she’s calling a gigolo.”

“In that same year I told her to stop following one of my friend she went behind my back continued to still sleep with him even after I warned her, She went and told my friend that I told her to stop following him and the same friend told me that my girl is an ashewo I told my friend to not disrespect phareeda”

“My brother is my neighbor and farida use to go and stay in my brothers house, also one Alhaji in my area also told me he is sleeping with farida”

“Farida said I’m a gigolo, but I live in a 22 bedroom Mansion and My brothers duplex is beside my house pharreda goes to my brothers house too, Pharreda will be in my brothers from morning till night I asked her what are you always doing there or do you want to still start sleeping with my brother too”

I am not a Gigolo and my father is extremely wealthy and I have been flying first calss since ask anybody in London. Now in 2015 she was in my house in fact it was from my house she got married to her first husband Tunde shobowale. That same 2015 I was doing politics runs with Dayo Amosun that I spent $2 million dollars contesting for house of reps. I had to step down due to the politics issues.

“When I first knew Farida back then she was a poor girl, there was a time I was sleeping with Farida an Alhaji came to knock on my door and challenged me saying why am I sleeping with his girlfriend”.