SOS Appeal For Tuition Refund From Akademia Polonia University, Poland By Adedeji Sunday Akintayo


I, Adedeji Sunday Akintayo, hereby appeal to all concerned authorities in the Poland to kindly intervene in the humiliating and derogating treatment by the management of the Akademia Polonia University, Poland over the refund of my tuition fee after denial of a Polish student visa.

With all due regards to the authorities that reads this letter, I write you with great pains and a heavily frustrated heart. I am not at ease with the awful experiences I have encountered in the last few months due to my dealings with Akademia Polonia University, Poland on the issue of my failed Polish visa and refund of my tuition fee.

Here is a detailed summary of what had transpired between the university and I:

May 24 2013: I was in office of Foreign Student Department of Ternopil National Technical University, Ukraine when the Dean, Mr. Bogdan Kovaliuk of the Foreign Student Department told me about Akademia Polonia University. He told me his daughter was a recruiting and marketing manager of the school and that I should apply in the school that she will help me get admission to study in Poland.

June 4 2013: I accepted to commence the admission process with Olga Kovaliuk, the daughter of my university Dean in Ukraine, who sent all the agreement and application form to me to sign which I did and sent back to her. Olga told me to pay 3000 Euro as the tuition fee for a year and we both agreed.

My worries began in June 11 2013, when Olga called me and said the Rector insisted that a two session tuition fee should be paid at once as against the stipulated requirements of the institution. After so much contemplation, June 26 2013 I paid 6550 Euros to Polonia University account to cover the full tuition fee for two years study and admission fee.  Afterwards, I applied for a Polish student Visa in July 2013 at Polish Embassy in Lviv, Ukraine and was denied twice with the reason given that there was no strong conviction that I was going to study in Poland.

Due to the denial of the Polish via, in September, 2013 I  wrote an appeal letter to the management of Akademia Polonia University for refund of 6550 Euros which they have refused till date and I have not relented in calling the university since then.

After all measures taken in trying to get my refund proved abortive, I got an admission to another school in Lithuania which a visa was granted and later travelled down to Poland to seek the audience with management of the University. But it has been the same traumatic and humiliating treatment I receive from the university till date.

As I write this letter of appeal, I have no money to feed, shelter over my head in the winter and no one is willing to render any assistance. I have been humiliated and psychologically disturbed by the management of the university because of my race as a black man and I have decided to embark on an indefinite hunger strike if the management of the Akademia Polonia University does not refund my money to me. If I had known Polish universities hate Nigerians, I would not have applied to nor paid my money to Akademia Polonia University, no one deserve to be treated like this.

Contact: Akademi Polonia University

Mobile Number: +48343684270 



All the important documents are attached herewith as proof of my claim.

Polish friends working with me can be reached:,

I therefore, appeal to all concerned authorities in Poland to come to my aid and intervene in this looming issue.

Thank you,

Adedeji Sunday Akintayo. (Polish Mobile Number: +48797855163)

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