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Stop Rebuking Buhari, Judiciary Over Your Present Travails, Group Tells PDP


An umbrella support group for the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government, the  Buhari Media Support Group (BMSG), has asked the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to stop chastising the president, members of the judiciary  and anti-corruption agencies over their current predicaments.
The group said based on some observable indices, including activities in the forex and banking sectors, there are strong indications that the country’s economy was on a rebound.
PDP had raised concern over judgments recently delivered by the governorship  election tribunals for Rivers and Akwa Ibom States, accusing President Buhari and the APC of interfering in the affairs of the judiciary.
However, while addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, the  Coordinator of the Buhari Media Support Group, Muhammad Labbo, said the PDP had missed  the point by blaming President Buhari and the judiciary over their  losses at the election tribunals.
He said as far as President Buhari  was concerned, the APC administration would not depart from the averred resolve to uphold the rule of law.
He said that both the president and his party, the APC have not in any way interfered with the operations of either the judiciary or any of the anti graft agencies since the inception of the administration.
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“This is a president that is committed to the rule of law and he has said it that he is not going to interfere. So, please stop bringing the president into whoever is being charge by the anti corruption agencies. The era of impunity of interference in this country is over. This is an administration that is band by the philosophy of rule of law and that is what is doing,” he said.
"Under the present government the anti corruption agencies are now living up to the expectations without any noticeable interference from the Buhari-led administration.
“if there are petitions that has not been acted upon by the anti graft agencies ask them why they have not done that, please leave the president out of this because the president is not interfering and he is not going to interfere in any petition against anybody.”
“On this note, we admonish the PDP to stop casting aspersions on the integrity of the judiciary by its unguarded utterances. The Nigerian Judiciary remains the last hope of the common man. We must collectively strive to protect that sacred institution,” he said.
'At no time in our history has a government moved so quickly to stabilise the national economy, that there are clear indicators to establish that the economy is on rebound.
“We have observed that some elements in the opposing PDP have continued to espouse uninformed positions on the state of the Nigerian economy under the administration of Buhari.
“Forex has stabilised, the banking system is also not in distressed. There are a few problems here and there in the capital market but there’s stability there too. Everything about the economy is going on well, though it might not be as expected because of the rots the present administration met on ground.
“This is especially so given the near collapse of the economy inherited from the immediate past administration. These are clear indicators to establish an economy with a strong potential to rebound in no distant time. Already, the government has made diversification of the economy one of its cardinal programmes.
“I want you to recall that the president has done this in 1984 where he met a situation similar to this and was able to stabilize the economy then. The price of crude oil in the country is not what it used to be before now, the foreign reserve has also improved and the president really deserve commendation for all these.”