Sunday Gazette With Usama: Biafrazation Of Biafra – The Way Forward


With the current hullabaloos and tintinnabulations by some gullible pro-PDP ignoramus disguising as Biafran freedom fighters, it is irrevocable to draw their assiduity and that of their devotees to a non violent and peaceful modus to realize their aims of an independent state of "Biafra" without any qualm, to frustrate a possible re-occurrence of 1967 where more than two-million souls were wasted. If actually the true motives of the majority of Ndigbo is to breakaway from Nigeria; then a non-violent secession could stand to be the best possible approach to achieving the noise generating "Republic of Biafra." But the way and manner in which Nnamdi Kanu – the miscreant director of Radio Biafra who was hired to rain abuses and terror on the Nigerian states to market the political candidacy of his paymaster, through his financially rewarding biafranic business at the detriment of the entire Igbo race – is coordinating his brand of Biafra is unhealthy and lethal for the collective existence of all and sundry. 
Since history is the best teacher, then taking a trip down the memory lane will perhaps go a long way in navigating the ship of the Biafran state to berth the littoral of victory without raising an eyebrow not to talk of a single gunshot. And considering the fact that the so-called Biafrans have nicknamed themselves "The Jews Of Nigeria," then learning from "Hebrew secession" will add more friction to their watery and slippery brain:
Several years BC, the descendants of Abraham, the Israelites, had been slaves in the land of Egypt under the dictatorship of king Pharaoh. God sent Moses to Pharaoh to tell him to let the Israelites go but Pharaoh choose not to listen to God. As a result, God proved His power and might over all the false gods that the Egyptians worshiped by sending terrible plagues upon the land of Egypt. 
Worried by the unending plagues and the rate at which they were being subjected to slavery by the Egyptians, the Israelites summoned all their stocks far and near, and left Egypt in a mass exodus. Moses led about 600,000 Hebrews with all their movable belongings out of Egypt in the middle of the night and headed for the promise land where they declared independence without a single gunshot. But unluckily, they later found themselves in the captivity of Adolf Hitler where they witnessed sorrows, tears and blood (apologies to Fela Kuti) far more than what chased them out of Egypt in a holocaust that consumed the lives of over six-million Israelites. And till today, the promise land of Israel knows no peace, the Israelites must fight war on a daily routine for them to survive. 
Back to our so-called Biafrans, you need not to protest against anybody or seek anybody's approval before your goals of a brand new Igbo-nation can be born, just do exactly what your Jewish brothers did; The top most important step you need to take is to map out all the states in your support, so as to have a define territory. When your territory has been defined, the next line of action is to adequately identify where to call your home, home in the sense of your final destination where you know will be a safe heaven for all not the calamitous Jewish's promise land, yours should be entirely different as there might be several Hitlers ready to repeat the Jewish holocaust…. 
Now that you knows where you are going, the next step is to summoned all Ndigbo outside your territory to immediately close down all their businesses, pack all their belongings and embark on a mass exodus back home, the journey of no return to the promise land and make sure no one is left behind. I am optimistic that nobody no matter how influential or authoritative can stop you from moving to wherever your heart so desired as granted by the constitution which gives every citizen the fundamental right to free movement. 
At this stage after all Igbos have returned home, the blastula of Biafra is nearly reaching it expected date of delivery (EDD), then the next step is to withdraw all your kinsfolks in the civil/public service and reject all ministerial and political appointments given to Southeast region by the Nigerian government. After you have rejected all these appointments from Nigeria, it is time to recall back all your Governors, Senators, House of Representatives Members, State Assembly Members, Local government Chairmen and councillors since they were all elected and given oaths of office using the Nigerian constitution. Until when the Biafran constitution officially takes effect, then fresh elections can hold and make sure only die-hard Biafran activists will get elected into public offices. If you are finding it difficult or don't know how to recall your lawmakers, we at CUPS are ever ready to help you achieve that mission.
Most importantly, proving to be financially buoyant and capable of running all the affairs of own nation without any fiscal challenge is another credit to gain international support and recognition. So it is necessary for the Biafrans to prove they are financially strong, you must show your ability and capability to sustain yourselves financially as a nation by rejecting the Federal Allocation coming from the Nigerian government. I am optimistic that Ndigbo can run a country free from financial difficulties being them the most industrious and business oriented people on earth! Do you know that the taxes paid by Ndigbo alone is higher than what Nigeria generates from NNPC, Customs and FIRS combined? And if Nigeria with a population of over 180 million can solely rely on taxes it generated from the Igbo for survival, imagine how a tiny nation like Biafra with a population of about 10 million will look like if these taxes are paid to Biafra alone. Wow! Small London indeed! 
Now that all Ndigbo are back home with their businesses and all public officerss have successfully been replaced with staunch agitators of Biafra, then you are good to go, and almost completely equipped to self-determination. You now have a define territory, a define government, a permanent population and the ability to financially interact with other states. You are now in the authority and the best position to declare sovereignty, and at this point, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large would have no other choice rather to bow to the anger of Ndigbo.
I think this peaceful approach to self-determination will be in the best interest of all whether Biafran or Nigerian, but the way and manner in which these biafranic nuisances are beating war drums, spi tting fire and brimstones against the Nigerian states is absolutely disgusting and calamitous to the collective peace and unity of this nation, it amounts to a clear act of treason for undermining the sovereignty of the federal republic and should be promptly dealt with. Those ignoramus occupying the streets in protest against the arrest of that fraudster called Nnamdi Kanu and at same time demanding for independence are not but the end products of an ethnic miscarriage, they are in fact the best example for one to describe the clueless nature of a village orangutan; they are educationally crippled, socially malfunctioned, psychologically lost, culturally barren, religiously untutored, politically mischievous and ethnically bias. In short, they are blind, deaf, and dumb.
Nigerians aren't holding anyone hostage or asking any vagabond not to breakaway, our only worries as a peace loving people are your planned destructions on our collective national peace and security. All we ask from you is to strategize a more diplomatic approach to achieving your daydream without "sharing people's blood" (apologies to Mama Peace) and nothing more, we aren't asking anyone to remain in Nigeria but before that, go back to the history of Nigerian civil war and learn from it.
Whoever wants to leave for the so-called land of Biafra should do the needful, regroup yourselves and embark on a mass exodus to your promise land without disturbing anybody's peace or seeking anyone's consent. Go in peace and make sure you did not return!
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