Tertiary Education And Its Cancerous Growth En Edo, By Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor


Education could be defined as The process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment.
It could also include Facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally.Education is thus a veritable tool that could affect the reasoning-ability of an Individual and then enable him/ her to influence his/her environment with the investment of his/ her Personality…..
Disdainfully so, Tertiary Education has suffered so poorly in Edo State for Decades and most especially the Last.We can welcomed utter decay,decadence and outright Collapse of Tertiary Education in Edo State due to the Repudiation of the tenets,ethics and ethos of Good Governance as well as the lackadaisical and Languid Educational promotion and support cum encouragment by the Government of the day.From the days of  Bendel State University(BENSU) to Edo state University(EDSU) and now Ambrose Alli University(AAU) Ekpoma ,We have never had a Government abnegate and adjure her role in Promoting quality Education as the present Government has done.Not ONE Structure has been built in AAU for the Past 9 years unlike was the case in ALL Previous administrations.Instead,the State Government has increased to asinine levels the tuition fees in the University which increases the Burden of Parents and Students and has FAILED to re-invest such monies to create better Standard of Education in the State Owned Premier University.
Since Government is indeed a continuum,Why has the Edo State Government refused to improve on the College of Agriculture Iguoriakhi and the Usen Polytechnic built by the Penultimate Governments to as to make available myriad of choices and options for the Edo People who can't pay the outrageous fees charged in the University? 
Aside the counterpart Funding from the Federal ,State and Local Governments which was used to renovate and restructure a couple of Primary and Secondary schools in Edo State, What can the Present Government point to/ boast of as her Contribution to Education in Edo State.As against the Smart and Intelligent thinkers that the State used to Produce in the years before now,Edo State now chunks out Very poorly Educated or Non-educated Folks because of the abysmally Poor Foresight and insight to Sound and Qualitative Education by those who run Osadebey Avenue.We must re-organize,'re-conscientize,'re-orientate and re- strategize our Educational System and indeed the Stakeholders involved so as to birth a more Organized and Educated Society…..
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