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The Festering Sore That Has Refused All Cures, By Hilda Ifegwu


Orji Uzor Kalu must be mad! If he is not, then he needs the urgent help of a combined team of psychologists and psychiatrists, because there are obvious signs of schizophrenia and paranoia. His title, ‘can evil triumph over good’ is the most hyperbolic piece I have perused recently and I am sure that I am not alone in this assault on penmanship.
His endless diatribe on Chief T. A. Orji greatly reveal his hatred and degree of bitterness. Well, not actually diatribe as it is an onslaught embarked solely by him, unprovoked and without any visible or real prompting but for greed and low self-esteem. This is nothing short of blackmail. Any who is in doubt should go through the history books. No world leader, governor, not even councilors have taken on their successors like OUK has done in his ghostly authored columns called leadership series in his Sun newspapers.
Who can cure OUK of his mania and phobia? Mania induced by greed for money and phobia for being lone and peerless. People I have come across hardly take Kalu’s series serious since he is not known for brawn and any degree of erudition to pen a paragraph, let alone a full page. His gibberish rattles the ethos and susceptibilities of stable and cognitive minds. I respect Senator T A Orji for his refusal to join issues and be dragged into the social quagmire of OUK that would have made him to be tarred with the same brush with the serially failed senate bidder. Well, the difference is clear. The education, moral upbringing and vocation is a telltale. Is it not said that silence is the best answer to a fool?
It is more than eight years since Kalu exited from the office of the gov that he stumbled on. Has he bothered to ask himself why he has not been able to win any other election since then?
No doubt he passed through the Abia Government House but did not allow the Abia Government House to pass through him. Worldwide, the position of governor is a training and grooming ground in diplomacy, governance and leadership. A position that citizens and subjects should emulate in etiquette and good conduct. Presidents Clinton, George Bush jnr. of United States of America all got the presidency of their country after serving as governors just for the asking and are today statesmen that their citizens and the world look up to, but can we say that for OUK who is always yapping like a street boy. What kalu is doing presently is like fighting in the street. Of course he once admitted that he is a street boy. People should grow up. His governorship experience should have
exorcized the street-hood in him.
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Who can save Kalu? Is he demented like King Saul of the bible times who tried many times to kill David, his successor? Why wouldn’t Kalu allow Senator Orji be, after eight years of unwarranted denigration and blackmail? One could see mounting phobia rippling into a tsunami. Not searching too far, the stoppage from freely dipping into the Abia till is one act he could not rather forgive or give up. Not going too far again, the evidence is there even for the blind to see.  Kalu fell in deep love with the Abia allocations. Come to think or ask about it, who doesn’t know how rich Kalu was before he assumed office. Good old Daily Times reported how a Federal Court in Lagos ordered the few properties he owned sold to pay back the debt he owed Dubic breweries. Slok Air, Land and sea, his newspapers came during his tenure as he was governor. A man highly obsessed with wealth, he knew enough that the financial instructions and audit queries would so much
hinder his unethical moves to misappropriate state fund, little wonder he subjected his appointees to oaths in shrines to see no evil and say no evil.
What is the matter with OUK? Could it be the withdrawn degree from ABSU? Going down memory lane, Kalu ranks to be the only person who got a degree in six months study. He has made a place in the Guinness Book of Records as a former governor whose degree was withdrawn. Is this a good mentor or example for our restless youth that can guarantee a good future? As gov, he arm-twisted the Abia State University authorities, thinking that the award is for life, but when they got back their plunk, they exercised one of their rights as every university worldwide reserve the right to award and withdraw with good reasons. OUK and his cohorts went berserk. All his publications came out with intense fury. My sympathy went to some of the employees who actually burnt the night oil for their certificates and were forced by circumstance of retaining their jobs, had nothing else to do but defend his immoral and shameful case. Tufia-Kwa!
Who can cure Kalu and save him from himself as he becomes grossly irredeemable on daily basses? Could it be his unsuccessful senatorial bid which he continually blames on Ochendo that is now making him so rapacious? In his senatorial bid in 2011, he claimed to have been stopped by four tanks and soldiers stationed in front of his house which denied him the right to vote but this pathological liar forgot that immediately after voting in 2011, that he granted interviews to newspapermen who published all that he said. This time around, he went into surrogacy with the APGA chieftain who brought soldiers and other henchmen yet the result was the same. In 2011, he blamed Senator Orji for his woes and said unprintable things against the winner, late Senator Chukwumerije of blessed memory but he was the first to run in condolence and coaxed his children into a group photo, smiling from ear to ear. Did he come to mourn or jeer?
How do we help OUK? We can still recall his frenzy and hypes to join PDP.If the truth be told, OUK should have been facing forgery charges and jailed for forging and presenting fake papers to PDP which he publicly displayed and published in his newspapers. He later boasted of a PDP waiver granted to contest the 2015 election. That was another hoax, shamelessly he contested in PPA and lost.
Now to his uninspiring leadership series of July, 4, 2015, one could easily read OUK’s wily mind as none of his claims can make the books.
Paragraph, 5 is nothing short of self mockery and the height of hypocrisy. ‘Why is it that the political class has continued to operate as if this country belongs to them alone? Who carries himself more as a member of the political class more than Kalu?  In paragraph 13, he rants again: ‘it pains me that the security agencies do not take some of the things we write seriously.’ Would the writings be taken seriously when they are blatant lies? In paragraph 24, he accuses Senator Orji of polarizing and impoverishing the people. Another hypocrisy! Who polarized Abia more? Creating the Abuja/home politicians and Abia Talibans?
Not asking more questions, it is all about Kalu not being able to make the senate and Senator Orji made it.
Running through his 40-paragraph, fool page gamut is a waste of time.  His last line is nothing short of a joke. ‘We must pray as a people for God to banish from our live, desperation, anger, bitterness, slander, blackmail, & nbsp;licentiousness, greed and other evils……’ OUK sermon Indeed! God is merciful otherwise mention of all these evils that OUK is a champion of would have resulted in what happened to Uzzah in Perez Uzzah, 2nd Samuel chapter 6 verse 8. Kalu, please keep quiet!

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