The Judiciary Arm Of Government, Stands As The Torchlight For The Legislative And Executive Arms Of Democratic Government


1. The highly depreciative value of democracy and good governance in this country is perpendicular to the extreme laxity and incoherent tractions of our judicial values.

The political pendulum and the traction of a fruitful democracy is solidly hedged on the pillars of true separation of power of the three tiers of government which are:- The Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive.

Any country wherever these separations of powers are loosely being controlled, there can be no serious governance.

The high charged of the political atmosphere and the rumbling of discontents within our political structures are things of great concerns to our survival as a united and indivisible nation of the dreams of our forefathers, of blessed memory.

(Zik, Awo, and Ahmadu Bello)
The rumbustious situation is really very frightening and drastic actions must be taken so as to daunt the fear of the ordinary citizens.

2. Our political scenes has been condescending at a very higher speed due to the usurping of the power of the judiciary by the executive.

All this, is as the result of the executive position in meddling in the appointments of our judicial officials.

Because of this, the judiciary is at the receiving end, and are always being toyed around.

It has reached a stage that some politicians now arrogantly declared themselves as winners of elective parties representatives and ask their rivals openly to go to court to challenge their dubious actions.

What can we do to set this country free from this muddy situation? What mechanism can we employ to set our judiciary free from the hands of the executive arm of government?

Shall we continue in this shameful situation forever?

3. Since most of our politicians never believe in what they usually said during the time of their campaigning to be elected, we shouldn’t take them by their words.

Most of times they are quite surprised of what they said about their frivolous promises made to people.

The Judiciary Arm Of Government, Stands As The Torchlight For The Legislative And Executive Arms Of Democratic Government

Politics is too serious a matter to be left in the hands of politicians who do not honour their words or promises.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

We shouldn’t allow our politicians constantly being conniving with our electoral bodies, to always thwarting our struggles for freedom politically.

We are in bondage to the law in order that we may be free.

But unfortunately, with the humongous amount we have been spending at the periodical rounds of our elections, it seems we have been moving two steps forward and four steps backward.

Our politicking has become the diplomatic name for the law of the jungle.

It is not possible to found a lasting power upon injustice.

4. The arm of government that can bring us out of this maximum shame is the judiciary.

As commonly being said, “the judiciary arm of government is the last hope of the common man.”

The weight of good governance rests squarely on the shoulders of the judiciary arm of government.

Without them, the society cannot survive the rancorous activities of their environments for peaceful cohabitations.

They interpret the laws for peaceful and harmonious living. For us they are the engines for our survival after our God Almighty.

Now our judicial officials have a gargantuan huddle to clear the unpardonable atrocity that have been committed by some of our disheartened and unscrupulous politicians who are bent in usurping the general will of the masses almost at any general election.

Are we not ashamed to be called the giant of Africa, and the most populous black nation, but completely lacking in decency?

5. The fundamental issue beclouding the psychs of the international communities, are numerous.

Some are asking, are we really human beings?

Was God sleeping or just mistakenly allotted this blessed portion of earth to the black race, and Nigeria in particular? Very Very sure and double sure God doesn’t sleep and will never sleep. So also God hasn’t make a mistake and He won’t make it.

Blessing Nigeria tremendously was purely designed for purposes and reasons best known to Him.

The political gambling and carelessness of our leaders are being measured and when their cups are full He will strike, and bring out people that will manage the space called Nigeria properly to His own design and glory.

Ironically, the secret collaborators to this dastardly acts of lawlessness which our political class are firing us, are architecturally being designed by the developed Western countries, and other collaborators internationally.

They have taken us for a ride, paying lips services in condemning our politicians of poor services delivery to the poor people of Africa and Nigeria in particular, while at the same time allowing them starching all the looting funds in their countries.

What a double, strategy. Getting our raw materials cheaply, and accepting the looted fund from the sold materials in their banks and making huge interests on them.

If really they are serious in getting African countries and the black race in general, out of object poverty they should stop playing their double standard games.

6. For over 60 years of Independence, but we haven’t been able to lay a solid foundation, talk less of adding the structures to our political journeys?

We have knowingly or unknowingly played into the hands of our colonial masters in Western countries and the Americas in which the ball game going on politically can never be won by us, since our leaders mostly are conniving with them to hold us to unwholesome servitudes.

Our natural resources are completely under their controls and they wouldn’t be so foolish to allow us have any breathing space technologically and cause them unemployment in their respective countries (Western countries and their cohorts elsewhere.)

Most of our highly educated diasporas would have loved to return to their respective countries to contribute their quotas in our development stripes in Africa, but our greedy politicians are not giving them the breathing space, by refusing to practice good and developmental governance.
What a robust and wholesome shame?

7. Common sense is the best distributed commodity in the world, for every man is convinced that he is well supplied with it.

Every person of action, fairness, justice and equity has a strong dose of egotism, pride, hardness and cunning.

But all of them will be forgiven him or her, and will even be regarded as high qualities, if he or she can make them the means to achieve great ends.

It is not possible to found a lasting power upon injustice.

It is a very decent common sense. “It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions.

I am pleading to and with all the judicial tribunals that are handling cases of our political mishaps during the resent elections, to stand on the truth, no matter what, because the truth is the strongest pillar of justice and only the truth that can set our consciences free.

I will want to end this write up with this quote by one English Statesman of blessed memory thus:



We can’t be left rumbling and wobbling in object poverty, in the midst of abundant resources, while few of us are living in abundant affluence, through monumental political manipulations.

We must struggle by all means to emancipate ourselves from the hands of our unproductive politicians, with their foreign collaborators that have hedged us under perpetual hardships and darkness of not moving forward but stagnated not because of lacks but share wickedness, greediness and self centre ness.
We must galvanize as a wealthy nation in only two segments.

The rich and the middle class. Nigeria has no reasons to have people living in object poverty.

We have more than enough to send poverty packing from our midst, if truthful commitments are applied in structuring our administration system in the country.
May God Almighty help us all to succeed in these struggles for Justice in our dear and blessed Country–NIGERIA.