The Verdict With Edozie: Oba's Threats – Nigerians Must Rise Above Tribalism


It was a shock a few days ago when SKYTREND and other media outlets published the threats meted out to Igbos in Lagos by Oba Akiolu. It was unbelievable. Many folks actually thought it was fabricated or perhaps, exaggerated. Even with the audio links released, many of our citizens were still defending the Oba, until the video footage shut their mouths.
For the avoidance of doubts, let me state that Oba Akiolu was not speaking for the Yorubas. He was speaking for himself. The vast majority of Yorubas have denounced the Oba's evil vituperations. It doesn't matter that we still have a pocket of citizens who think the Oba is infallible. 
The threats from the Oba are simply unacceptable, especially considering his experience as a former top police officer.  He should know the position of the Law that Royal Fathers cannot dictate to the People who to vote. In fact at the heat of the presidential campaign, it was widely reported that the Awujale of Ijebu land told the President point blank, that he can't tell his subjects who to vote. I think that should be the standard. Oba Akiolu should emulate the Awujale of Ijebuland. He should be a father to all. Oba Akiolu should be told that Nigeria is not a Monarchy, Nigeria is a Republic. Nobody is above the Law, not even the Oba or Emir or Obi. We have had many powerful Royal fathers dethroned in Nigeria, including a former Sultan of Sokoto.  Oba Akiolu should apologize to all Nigerians; his ranting is unbecoming of a Nigerian Royal Father. Otherwise, he should face appropriate disciplinary actions.
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Tribalism has been a serious problem in Nigeria. It's not just in Lagos. Everywhere I Nigeria,  indigeneship is considered above competency and skills. The new Nigeria we want is that which every Nigeria Citizen can settle in any part of the Country and still achieve his potentials. I always ask my colleagues from other parts of Africa how Tribalism is perceived in their Countries. I found out that tribalism is more celebrated in Nigeria. For instance all my Ghanaian Colleagues told me that they can settle in any part of Ghana and attain any political or social height, without any inhibitions or discriminations. We have 36 States today, all the Governors are indigenes of the States. This doesn't show one Nigeria, rather, it shows tribalism. We are all guilty one way or the other, and should emulate other Countries where citizens are seen as citizen first, before other parochial considerations.
I am encouraging NDIGBO and all Nigerians to disregard the Oba's threats, and cast their votes for their preferred Candidates. It is a constitutionally enshrined right that the Oba cannot take away.  It shouldn't affect our peaceful co-existence with the Yorubas and other Nigerians. In fact without mincing words, the Yorubas are the best hosts of Igbos. NDIGBO are safer in Yoruba land than in any other part of Nigeria.  So this sad vituperation by the Oba should not come between us and our good hosts- the Yorubas. Oba Akiolu is on his own.  It should not also be politicised, Ambode and Agbaje are both Yorubas, so voting either of them doesn't make one anti or pro Yoruba interests. These are two worthy Sons of Yoruba land.
According to Citizen Bright Bayo Oladeji "We should make Nigeria like the US of today where three different brothers could be representing three different states in the Congress and one or two could be either governors or president. That is Nigeria of my dream. I hate people being discriminated against because of their religions, ethnicity or tribe. I know politicians are good at that, but that is a threat to our unity".
Tribalism is as bad as corruption, let's unite and kick it out.
God bless Nigeria.
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