The Virgin, By Jane Obonomen


The Virgin is a person who has successfully handled sexual temptation and enjoys sexual sanctity. She has nurtured her body to not be docile by sexual arousal. Virginity to this type of lady is not a lack of opportunity to be broken but a plethora of opportunities to reflect the strength of her inner man. She prides herself in her conscious effort to defeat her fleshly lust. She is strong-willed but tender-hearted. She reserves her desire for pleasure for the last man standing. She is scorned by her deflowered peers. Sometimes, she is ashamed of her stand but she knows she is a grooming queen. Because the world makes virginity sound archaic, she is careful not to reveal her purity for fear of being unjustly plucked.

Deep down, she longs to be explored by that man, she will call her own forever. She will not dare sensual experience with another. She knows her worth, and though overwhelmed by mouth-watering offers, she withholds her dignity. Although the wait is tough, she finds solace in righteousness. She has a target, and that is to wait for that man, who will do the due diligence before asking for her body. She confides in her inner strength to turn down sugar-coated men who only desire a taste of her.

Her heart is open to love, and she loves purely but knows there is time for everything, and only those who wait enjoy the best. Yes, she looks forward to exploring sexual intimacy, but only in the safety of marriage. Because she is aware of the emptiness and guilt that comes after fornication, she will rid herself of temporary pleasure.

She stays true and remains pure despite the heavy presence of sugar-coating men. According to Dr. Myles Munroe, one of the greatest gifts any person can give his or her marriage partner on their wedding day is a body that is sexually pure because then they can enjoy an intimacy they have never shared with anyone else.

A true virgin has proven her integrity and self-control. Her man needs not to doubt her integrity and faithfulness even in other matters.

Jane Obonomen is a prolific writer, public affair analyst and literary critic. Her interest in listening to other people’s stories makes her an accurate story teller. She writes in from Lagos.