The Woman’s Body, by Jane Obonomen


The Woman’s Body, by Jane Obonomen

The woman’s body is an idol to herself

It is the first force she pledges allegiance to

It is a spiritual entity that enwombs diverse emotions

Every touch sends signal to her brain which her heart decodes.

Her body can discern guile and sincerity

Men lay gifts at her feet

And kings fortune to possess her body

No one can actually pay the full price

The woman determines what is enough.

She offers herself to whom she deems worthy.

Money doesn’t buy her body, commitment does.

The richest men are rejected if her body is not appreciated.

She only submits her body to deep love

Her body surrenders to lavishness

Her body feeds on worship

Her body sustains its glow from cherishing.

The woman’s body is a treasure to her man

The man glories in nourishing his woman’s body and for that, he proudly lays down his life for he knows it belongs to him alone.