What Are Your 2015 Resolutions? By Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari


The year 2014 has gone and will never come. " For the past has gone and the future awaits the hopefuls". The 2014 is undoubtedly a year that witnessed a lot of violence in Nigeria.
Hundreds of People were abducted and raped, thousands were killed, wounded, millions are displaced and are rendered hopeless and unwanted. The government voted trillions for security last year, billions for educations, employment, health, electricity, etc. But unfortunately, the budget performance as of the second quarter was less than 30 percent.
Looking critically as to what happened in 2014, and what 2015 will prepare for Nigerians, one has to make resolutions now. The quest for a better Nigeria is every Nigerian business, elections are by the corner, there is nothing greater than elections for Nigerians in the 2015. All previous elections in Nigeria's history were mired with violence, fraud and election rigging.
Most of the causes of election rigging have not addressed. From accreditation, amount of the ballot papers, counting of votes and of course, the collation centers. These are places where actual rigging do occur. Even though during the 2011 elections protection of votes by voters was allowed, but still, rigging did find its way and the election not credible. 
This years general election should be different. Already President Jonathan ha assured Nigerians of free, fair, and credible election this year. The international community is also very interested in nigeria's. 2015 elections – as Nigeria is the largest democratic country in Africa. A prosperous Nigeria is a prosperous Africa, the world, Nigeria must get it right this time.
I call on all Nigerians to resolve that 2015 is going to be a better year for our dear nation. We should all resolve that 2015 elections are going to be free, fair, and most credible in the history of the world. But until that, all Nigerians must get registered, vote, protect their votes and return to God and seek for forgiveness.
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