Wikki FC Players Escape Death In Road Accident As Bus Burns To Ashes (Photos)


The players of Wikki Tourists Football Club of Bauchi State escaped death this morning as the bus conveying the team to Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State for a match fixture with Dakada United of Akwa Ibom was involved in an accident.


Secretary of the club, Abdullahi Ibrahim confirmed the incident, disclosing that the accident occurred at Hawan Kibo, Plateau State, this morning.


Yes one of the tires of the bus burst and the vehicle was engulfed by fire. Fotunately the vehicle did not somersault and all the players and other occupants were able to escape through the windows of the bus. No one was hurt but the players and the occupants are in shock.

“Thank God no one is hurt but the players are in the shock because they all escaped out of the windows of bus but all their match kits, jerseys, boots were burnt to ashes. They are still at the scene of the accident waiting for help. We have spoken with Plateau United to assist us with a bus to convey our players home because they are in shock,”
he said.