Home Business News Women Explore Options As Price Of Cooking Gas Hits The Roof

Women Explore Options As Price Of Cooking Gas Hits The Roof

Women Explore Options As Price Of Cooking Gas Hits The Roof

The continuous rise in the prices of goods and services is making most companies align their products to suit individuals’ new choice of standard of living.

A part of this innovation is the double compartment pots meant to prepare two dishes at the same time.

SKYTREND NEWS discovered that most women now buy these double compartment pots to reduce cooking gas consumption.

Mrs Yemisi Idowu, a tomato seller, said: “I have been thinking of a way to save my cooking gas. Most of these gas stations just fill in air in the cylinders. Before now, a 12 kg cylinder of cooking gas lasts two months and a half for me and it costs N11,000 but, presently, it hardly lasts up to a month and a half. When I discovered these double compartment pots, I quickly bought three. Now my cooking gas lasts for over three months.”

Women Explore Options As Price Of Cooking Gas Hits The Roof

Gbadebo Alaga, a civil servant, said: “My wife has been complaining about the increasing prices of cooking gas. Even the prices of kerosene, charcoal and firewood are increasing everyday. Some people had even resorted to using sawdust to cook.

“When a friend told me about the double compartment pots, I gave it a trial. My wife has been testifying about its reduction of the quantity of cooking gas she uses monthly.”

Sarah Johnson, a 200-level student said: “My mom got me double compartment pots while I was resuming this semester because I always complained to her about the way my cooking gas gets exhausted and how the price of cooking gas is skyrocketing in my school.

“I use a 6kg gas cylinder and I use N6,000 to fill it. Sometimes I have to borrow my neighbour’s stove when I can’t afford to buy 1 kg.”

Mistura Hassan, a cooking wares seller in Idumota said: “There are various double compartment pots in the market.

“Some even have three compartments where you can cook soup, sauce and boil meat at the same time.

“Many women are coming for this double compartment pots. It is affecting the sale of single compartment pots though there is not much sale of pots because people are managing the ones they have.”

Data from National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, showed that the price of 12kg cylinder of cooking gas rose by 32.5 per cent to N9,824 in July from N7,413 in January this year.

Similarly, the prices of cooking gas cylinders has increased as 12.5 kg cylinder is now as high as N23,000.