AIHN Hosts Investment Awards Dinner As Panelists Discuss The Future Of Equity Capital In Nigeria


The Association of Issuing Houses of Nigeria has recognized the meritorious contributions of its members as well as key players in the development and growth of the industry in the last year.

A key highlight of the event, which held at Civic Centre in Lagos State, was the panel discourse on the topic ‘The Future of Money: Prospects for Equity Capital Raising in Nigeria’. Using the MTN listing as a case study, Managing Director and CEO of the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS), Mr. Haruna Jalo-Waziri, reiterated the critical role of leveraging technology to raise equity capital for businesses.

Speaking on the importance of liquidity on the Nigerian Stock Exchange to ease the exit process for equity investors, Mr. Danladi Verheijen, Managing Director of Verod Capital emphasized the 40 percent increase in market turnover at the end of Q2 on the NSE compared to the concerns market watchers had in Q1 following the single day 20 percent drop in March 2022.

AIHN Hosts Investment Awards Dinner As Panelists Discuss The Future Of Equity Capital In Nigeria

“Businesses of the future are going to be funded by venture capital”, said Dr Ola Brown, Founder of the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company (FDHIC) and an investor working in venture capital and healthcare infrastructure with a Masters in Finance and Economic Policy. She has invested in over 30 startups in the health tech and fintech space, with total investment portfolio worth $500m.

“Stock market focused economies that lean towards equity turn out to be more innovative and dynamic. Equity investment is not just important for the people in the room – the Stock Exchange and Issuing Houses – but also important for creating wealth for Nigerians and the whole of Africa,” says Brown.

The Investment Banking Awards Dinner is an annual event which brings together members of the Association of Issuing Houses of Nigeria, Chief Executives of all Investment Banks in Nigeria, Captains of Industry, Investors and Political Leaders, with the objective of recognizing their meritorious contributions to the achievement and growth recorded in the industry over the past year.