APM terminals highlights technology’s potential to streamline port operations

APM terminals highlights technology's potential to streamline port operations
APM terminals highlights technology's potential to streamline port operations

Frederik Klinke, an official from APM Terminals Nigeria, has highlighted the pivotal role of technology in enhancing port operations’ capacity and efficiency.

Speaking at the Nigerian Ports and Trade Investment Forum 2023 in Lagos, Klinke underscored how technology could foster collaboration between government entities and the private sector, facilitating joint solutions to supply chain challenges in Nigeria.

APM Terminals has taken steps to harness technology’s benefits by implementing software solutions that enable customers to engage with its staff online, reducing the need for physical interactions at the port.

APM terminals expands customer centric solutions

Klinke revealed that APM Terminals is globally rolling out customer-centric solutions, bridging the gap between operations in Nigeria and other international ports.

He further explained their aspirations, saying, “The next frontier for us is to enable the connectivity between our systems, customs, other governmental agencies, and customers who require visibility into container activities before their arrival in the country.”

Courage Obadagbonyi, the Chief Financial Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, echoed the importance of synergy among government agencies operating at the port.

He stressed that inter-agency collaboration is vital for effective service delivery to port users and for strengthening the overall supply chain.

During the session, Ismaila Badjie, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), emphasized Nigeria’s status as an African economic powerhouse, highlighting the significant growth opportunities the country offers.