Bank auditors vow to foster competence and professionalism

Bank auditors vow to foster competence and professionalism
Bank auditors vow to foster competence and professionalism

In a recent news report, the Association of Chief Audit Executives of Banks in Nigeria (ACAEBIN) has reaffirmed its unwavering dedication to enhancing the professionalism of audit practices and ethical standards within its membership ranks.

ACAEBIN operates as a sub-committee under the umbrella of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s bankers’ committee.

During a capacity training session held in Lagos on Thursday, Mogbitse Atsagbede, the vice chairman of ACAEBIN and chairman of the sub-committee responsible for emerging issues, emphasized the central role of capacity development in the association’s mission.

Atsagbede conveyed the commitment to fostering competence and professionalism within the industry, highlighting that their training and capacity development initiatives consistently maintain high standards and are typically provided free of charge.

Moreover, ACAEBIN has pledged to organize a minimum of two training events for Internal Auditors and one for its Chief Audit Executives (CAEs), who constitute its membership, every year.

Prince Akamadu, chairman of ACAEBIN, echoed the organization’s dedication to elevating the quality of internal audit reports to exceed stakeholder expectations.

He stressed that a primary objective of the association is to enhance the capacity of the Internal Audit Function to align with global standards, enabling auditors to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Over the years, ACAEBIN has demonstrated a passionate commitment to nurturing the skill sets of Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) and Internal Auditors, thus contributing significantly to the industry’s advancement.

Akamadu encouraged the trainees to fully utilize the opportunities presented by the training program, recognizing its potential to further their professional growth and positively impact the industry as a whole.