Beyond Prose With Adesoji Adebisi: 3s & 4s (Threes And Fours)


======= 3s & 4s (Threes And Fours ) ======


Make a face

start a race

get a taste

such a case.


Try an ace

time and place

high a plane

life is game.


Yet the same

starts the flame

lay to waste

what a blaze.


So it came

line so plain 

marked a lane

mine stayed sane.


Shared on plate

not a date

serious a state

emotions on rebate.


© S. O .J 

2nd Sunday of Easter; 07/04/2013 – 11:55hrs gmt 

Each verse of 3 words making a stanza of 4 lines gave me the idea of the weird header.  


For STN – 17 

© S.O.J/Musicwithin1; Thursday 6th February 2014 ~ 00:17 hrs gmt 

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