Beyond Prose With Adesoji Adebisi: Free Flow Into A New Year


======= FREE FLOW INTO A NEW YEAR ======

Free flow sounds like a smooth start to a year 

Respectively expected with a tinge of fear 

Every day in weeks preceding was so unclear 

Except reality check still meant some are still here. 


For explanations can’t or won’t make up for shed tears 

Life, ephemeral and fleeting yet feels so near 

On condition that the feelings don’t get impaired 

Would it matter, when some things gets declared.


Into it we now proceed within different climes 

Not for want of what to say would some dare share  

To be honest, would not even think anyone cares 

On the morrow maybe the reason would be just fair.


At the moment, it’s just the first day so we can steer,


Navigating the dawn into a brand new year 

Expectations are high and so are the glares 

What do you know, the lines are not to be paired.


You can now exhale for the last went like a spear 

Entries and exits like wounds still fresh with ringing ears 

All we hope for is that all the people we hold dear 

Realise on time the goodwill flow, goes beyond this new year ……

© S.O.J/Musicwith1;  NEW YEAR’S DAY, Tues. 01-01- 2013 ~ 01:45 hrs gmt 

I just felt like starting my new year with a check on how much of the last has affected my flow, but it feels like I am still in the know, so I can share these lines so…. *smile*


For STN – 12 

© S.O.J/Musicwith1; Thursday 02nd     January 2014 ~ 00:12 hrs gmt 

Guess the reasons for the shared still subsist.

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