One-Term Agreement: Jonathan Not Sincere, Dishonourable – Gov Nyako


Adamawa State Governor Murtala Nyako has reiterated the claim that President Goodluck Jonathan signed an agreement to serve for only one term in 2011 when he was asking for their support leading to the then election.

The governor who made the statement yesterday in Yola further said that genuine leaders were men of honour who would be sincere to their colleagues and the society in general, no matter the circumstance.

Nyako further added that they (him and his colleagues in the North) prefer to deal with people of honour, not people who want to drag the country into civil war because of impunity and because of lawlessness, because of not fulfilling their pledges, which is capable of leading th country to another civil war.

Hear the governor speaks, “In the first place, when that agreement was brought for me to sign, I told them that this President (Jonathan), in the agreement signed in the year 2003, he was number 73.

“Did we not agree under (ex-President Olusegun) Obasanjo that the term 2007 and 2011 belong to the North?

“He was number 73 as deputy governor of Bayelsa State, so when they came, they said I should sign, they said he had agreed that he would not contest in the year 2015.

“In the first place, I said I did not believe him because he didn’t give his pledge for the agreement signed in the year 2003. They said ah, ah, Baba Maimangoro. I said ok, I will sign. So I signed.”

“Obasanjo will tell you, he came here in company of Jonathan and pleaded with me to support Jonathan in 2011. He came here and virtually took an oath to serve only one term,” Nyako said.

“Leaders must be honest with their colleagues and the greater society. I have my craw craw from the first civil war and if there is need to develop another craw craw in another civil war I will stand by.”

President Jonathan has denied ever signing any document or agreement stating he must contest for only term.

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